Collaborative Design with Autodesk for Miro

Boost your 3D design collaboration with the Autodesk for Miro app. Experience a seamless blend of Autodesk Forge Viewer with Miro, streamlining your team's ability to collaborate around 3D files directly within Miro.
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Transform 3D Design Collaboration Dynamics

Interactive Collaboration

Visualize intricate designs directly within iFrame widgets on Miro. Adjust view angles to customize your 3D file previews, providing your team with an immediate, comprehensive perspective of your designs directly on the Miro board.

Capture Key Insights of your Design

Quickly capture snapshots of your 3D designs directly within Miro, facilitating efficient sharing and collaboration. This enables seamless communication and documentation of important design details.

Explore and Interact with 3D models

Experience the full capabilities of Autodesk Forge Viewer within Miro boards, enabling interactive exploration and efficient decision-making.

Autodesk for Miro

in Action

Design, collaborate, and innovate with Autodesk for Miro

Design Review Sessions

Import 3D models into Miro for detailed visualization, customize viewpoints, and capture feedback, fostering collaborative and insightful design discussions.

Design Brainstorming

Explore various design concepts by looking at 3D CAD files within Miro. Collaborate with team members in real-time to generate innovative ideas and solutions.

Product Ideation

Adjust 3D model viewpoint to examine design variations, capture screenshots to document ideas, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to refine concepts and prototypes.

Client Presentation

Engage clients in the design process by presenting 3D models on Miro boards. Collaborate with clients, capture feedback and ensure alignment on project objectives.

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