Unleash Sales Potential with Salesforce for Miro

Discover the synergy of Salesforce and Miro. Immerse your sales process into Miro boards with Salesforce for Miro, where seamless CRM integration meets visual collaboration excellence.
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Seamless Integration, Sales Accelerated

Collaborate across Sales Cycles

Easily import key Salesforce objects like Opportunities, Contacts, and Accounts into Miro. Facilitate better team coordination and deeper insights throughout the sales cycle with a visual and interactive integration.

Consistency across Platforms

Bid farewell to manual updates—with automatic data synchronization, changes that occur in Salesforce or Miro are automatically reflected in both, promoting smooth collaboration and accuracy.

Instant Updates, Seamless Integration

Edit Salesforce records without leaving Miro. Automatic synchronization ensures that changes are promptly reflected in Salesforce, keeping your team aligned with current data.

Salesforce for Miro

in Action

Plan, track and win deals with powerful integration capabilities

Account Planning

Map customer accounts, visualize relationships, and strategize to foster seamless collaboration and sharper decision-making.

Pipeline Visualization

Import Opportunities, visualize sales progress, and manage deals directly on boards. Track, update, and prioritize your pipeline with ease.

Opportunity Management

Import, update, and track Opportunities alongside Miro 's collaborative features, driving higher revenue and success in your sales efforts.

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