How to Overcome Slack Fatigue in the Future of Work

Messaging apps, like Slack, were touted as collaboration and productivity boosters. Now, we have too many emails and too many messages and employees say they feel overwhelmed, anxious, less productive and unable to disconnect from work?

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

Elements of Slack fatigue and its root causes

Hybrid work design principles that prioritize trust, inclusiveness and a positive work/life balance

Ways to implement these design principles in Workplace from Meta to minimize real-time work anxiety

February 22, 2022
10:00 am
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Why Hybrid Work Design Principles Are Necessary to Promote A Positive Work/Life Balance

Throughout the pandemic, we learned that Slack’s main benefit also turned out to be its greatest weakness. Anyone who has used Slack extensively can attest that it's not conducive to deep-flow-state work due to the constant interruptions and “urgent needs” of colleagues. What’s needed are hybrid work design principles that prioritizes trust, inclusiveness and a positive work/life balance.

Bill has been instrumental in the adoption of Workplace from Meta at ServiceRocket with his experience helping companies adopt disruptive software through learning, change management, and communications.
Bill Cushard
Executive Director & Global Head of the Future of Work and Customer Education Practices
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