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July 26, 2021
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4 Workplace from Meta Integrations You Need to Implement Now

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Originally posted by Bill Cushard on May 15, 2017 and last updated on July 22, 2021.

Every year at Facebook’s F8 Conference, the Facebook team makes several announcements that extend the functionality of their platforms. Since Workplace’s launch in October of 2016, they have included more useful functions to improve a company's ability to get more done, make faster decisions, and communicate better. Many of these announcements are often long awaited improvements that make many organizations very happy.

Here are four types of Workplace integrations that add so many benefits , you'll wish you had implemented them long before now!

1.  Document Sharing

Working on a document with a team is a major pain point in organizations. Whether it is dealing with the multiple versions that get created with each email attachment or trying to figure out which comments to address from all the places where they live, in email, comments, and in the document.

Workplace seeks to improve this messy process by helping people have conversations around the document. According to Workplace, "it is better to have conversations around documents" as opposed to just asking people to review a document and provide feedback.

Save time and make faster decisions by identifying the correct document by being able to read a snapshot of the document in Workplace. To facilitate this process, Workplace integrates with the following document services.

          Box - When a user creates a post that contains a link to a file in Box, Workplace will display an icon showing the document type, title, and a rich preview will be displayed in a new window.

          Google Drive - Workplace will automatically display a preview of the file that users can click on to access the file directly without leaving Workplace.

          OneDrive - Workplace will automatically display a rich preview of the OneDrive file making it easy for users to access the file without leaving Workplace.

          Salesforce - The Scout chatbot tool by ServiceRocket allows users to search for existing Salesforce leads from within Workplace. This is a big win for many organizations because users can begin an internal conversation about the lead, similar to conversations held around a document. Our User Utilities guide provides helpful insights about this integration.  

WP FY22Q1 4 Workplace User Utilities Moderate

2.  Live Stream Video Meetings

One major friction point in organizations is how to update people who missed meetings. Yes, you can take very good notes and email those out, but who reads those notes anyway? And who takes notes well enough and with enough detail that context and nuance is captured properly? Answer: No one.

Yes, you can record a meeting in a virtual meeting tool and send out the recording. But who remembers to record the meeting? Who then wants to convert the recording, upload it, send it out, and make sure everyone has access to it? Even if you can or want to do all of that, the recording file might be too big to attach to an email or people have to log in or fill out a form on the virtual meeting product website to view the recording.

All of this friction goes away with Workplace’s integrations with BlueJeans, Zoom, and Cisco Webex. Now, you can host a meeting on any of these platforms and stream it live to a specific group in Workplace. Not only can members of that group watch the meeting live, people who should have been in the meeting can watch the recording of the meeting, which is automatically saved to the Workplace group. And there are no limits to the number of videos or the size of the video files. These integrations will help your team  communicate better, saving you time to get more done.

For tried and true ways to use live video check out our blog “7 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement with Live Streaming at Work”.

Company Update Meeting with CEO Rob Castaneda

3.  Security and Compliance

There are two categories of compliance integrations that many organizations have been waiting for. First is an integration with cloud access security brokers (CASB). Organizations can now integrate with service providers to:

  • Monitor Workplace in near-real time via API introspection
  • Enforce compliance policies that the company defines
  • Protect against threats like compromised accounts or data loss

Also, if you have custom needs or have a custom solution currently in place, you can build and/or integrate those. Workplace has released new APIs built on Webhooks so you can (for example) get notified:

  • About certain non-compliant content that shows up in posts and comments
  • When people join and leave groups
  • Log in and log out events and password resets

To help company admins more easily ensure compliance with company policies, find spontaneous conversations that have exploded in popularity, and take a real time pulse of what employees are talking about, ServiceRocket created Moderate. This integration allows companies to automate alerts on keywords, content popularity and other triggers. Below is a screenshot of the Moderate dashboard in action.

4.  Custom Integrations

Workplace expanded the capability for custom integrations with other enterprise software, allowing partners to create Bots. Customers can integrate with ERP, CRM, ITSM, HR, facilities and asset management tools, just to name a few.  There are two types of bots: bots in Groups and bots in Chat.

Chatbots: Chatbots in Workplace are based on the Messenger bot platform. In fact, according to Simon Cross of the Workplace team, "You can take the sample app from our developer website, the messenger sample app, and point it at Workplace's APIs...and it will just work without changing a single line of code." The most impactful chat bot features include quick replies, templates, persistent menus, and localization.

To help team leads or managers stay updated on the progress of the Epics and Tasks in Jira, ServiceRocket created Connector for Workplace & Jira. This integration aligns teams by combining the collaboration power of Workplace with the execution power of Jira. Chatbots send updates to assignees and watchers when Epics and Tasks have been completed or updated in Jira, saving them time by eliminating time-consuming context switching.

Groupbots:  Groupbots are built specifically for Workplace. A Groupbot can post in a group, comment, and like posts. People can also mention the bot to make requests. For example, an "IT Help desk" bot can create a ticket from a Workplace post. The bot will reply with a ticket number and comment back when the status is updated and/or closed. No more wasted time context-switching between Workplace, Jira and email.  Like a colleague's post, chat with IT to resolve a technical issue, share new information with the team or collaborate on a team project, all within Workplace.

By extending the functionality of their platform and allowing partners to do the same, Workplace from Meta improves user collaboration and productivity. So, whether your company is just starting its journey with Workplace, or you are veteran users like us at ServiceRocket, these 4 types of integrations will go a long way toward improving your ability to get more done, with faster decisions and better communication.

Learn more about how Workplace from Meta and ServiceRocket can help you drive employee engagement and collaboration.

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