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November 12, 2019
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Announcing Composition for Confluence Cloud: Creating Tabs Made Easy

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Earlier this year, Atlassian shared that 90% of their new customers choose Cloud first. For us, those are heroes-in-the-making that we must ensure we’ve got their backs. It means we must be laser focused on bringing our most-loved Confluence Server/Data Center apps to Cloud, in order to keep helping you exceed expectations.

This 2019 has been a great testimonial to that. Up to now, we’ve launched Linking, Redirection and Visibility on Cloud. Today, we’re thrilled to bring Composition to the Cloud family.

With Composition, you can create tab panels in Confluence, allowing you to smartly structure your Confluence pages. It can instantly make your pages look organized, readable, and easier to read so you can increase content consumption and improve user experience.  

What to expect?

Composition Tabs for Confluence Cloud

In Composition Cloud, we’ve also redesigned the experience of editing. The Tabs macro is now fully supported in the new Confluence Cloud editing experience, which means you’ll receive the benefits of live preview and an all-in-one powerful macro we called ‘Tabs’.

Composition Tabs for Confluence Cloud

With tab panels, collaborators in Confluence gain finer control over page layout and overall content organization. One of the immediate results is improved content readability, especially for complex information we often see in process documentation, project pages and more.

Need ideas of how to effectively use Tabs in Confluence? We’ll give you 5 tips for that.


More than 2,000 organizations are using Composition for Confluence at present. Our customers rave about the must-have-in-Confluence product functionality and the quality of our support team offers.

People love powerful, yet simple-to-use products that get the job done. We love building them.
We've got your back.

Improve user experience in Confluence, add tabs, cards and expandable sections in the page layout.

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