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October 23, 2019
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Atlassian Data Center Approved Apps? We’ve Got Your Back!

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Looking for Data Center approved Apps? At ServiceRocket, we are committed to delivering best in class apps for our customers. Back in September 2018, Atlassian launched the Data Center Approved Apps Program. Since then, we have been tirelessly working on bringing our most popular apps to Data Center. In this note we’re proud and excited to share that we have a Data Center approved portfolio that’s ready for you to try.

Data Center Apps Backstory

You have a Data Center in place, the performance lives up to your expectations and suits your main business processes. You want your Atlassian apps to run in it just as smooth. With Atlassian’s Data Center Approved Apps Program, this is guaranteed! The main program objective is to ensure that marketplace apps maintain a high level of availability and consistency performance at scale. According to Atlassian, Data Center approved apps have been able to reduce support cases in -18%, compared to Server apps running on Data Center.

How does the program work?

To scale apps on a Data Center, we need to adopt best engineering practices and techniques. Atlassian certifies that vendor apps follow a critical engineering process for cache operations, support required databases, security and availability. To achieve certification, we must complete a:

  1. 150+ question architectural review
  2. Testing process to evaluate apps in an environment that simulates a large scale Data Center instance

Upon completion of these steps, Atlassian reviews our app, decides on its quality and certifies that the app is able to handle the load of clustered Data Center environments and tests. With this approval, the app is now certified for high performance in those environments.

So, what’s in it for you? Why do you need Data Center Apps?

Server apps installed in Data Center are not optimized for large scale environments and will eventually underperform. By installing certified approved Data Center apps you can be certain and confident that your app:

  • Complies with high quality standards
  • Has been tested thoroughly and is completely secure
  • Scales and performs smoothly in Data Center

At ServiceRocket we continuously seek to deliver the most possible value with our apps. That’s why we’ve developed and certified six of our most popular apps:

Explore our Data Center offerings...

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Classic Connector for Salesforce and Jira

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