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Caring for Rocketeers: Benefits that Matter

Why do people all over the world choose to be Rocketeers?

Is it the #Think Team attitude? The camaraderie? The diverse and inclusive culture? Undoubtedly. It's also the quality of life that our global benefits provide every Rocketeer. It's one of the many reasons why so many of us call ServiceRocket home.

What's truly remarkable about working at ServiceRocket: We see each other as family. It is the heart of all we do.

Rocketeers enjoy a work model that’s flexible and supportive.

“ServiceRocket's flexibility allows me to manage my work during the week, so I can get things done whenever I need to. Getting a couple hours for a doctor's appointment doesn't feel like a difficult thing, and I've been able to be more consistent than ever with my workouts.”

“Even during busy weeks filled with tight deadlines, I know I can trust my team to have my back.”

    -- Veronica Contreras, Associate, Marketing

We give parents more time with their new family.

"A few years ago, our CEO, Rob, asked me to discuss paternity/maternity leave policies. He proposed a new policy that allows both parents to focus on what is important. Changes were made to the length of the leaves. I thought it was pretty cool and then forgot about it. Fast forward a few years later. Our second child was born 6.5 weeks early and later sent to the ICU."

"Having a longer parental leave meant I got to take care of my family when it was most needed. It also meant that I was able to care for my daughter, who barely understood what was happening and needed comforting."

"Thank you, ServiceRocket, for having my back."

    -- Rodrigo Forest, Director, Finance

Our healthcare coverage provides a better quality of life.

“Whenever I join any new organization, I always look at the complete package. Health benefits have always been key.”

“ServiceRocket's health benefits have been a Godsend this year. They supported me through multiple unexpected issues including a knee ligament tear. The coverage covers my entire family.”

“I’m very thankful to ServiceRocket for having the foresight to ensure we are well taken care of, so we can focus on excellence at work with our minds at ease.”

   -- Subatra Veeriah, Manager, Technical Content

We prioritize wellness at work and at home.

“Due to the pandemic, companies like ServiceRocket adopted a remote work model. While it has a lot of advantages, the transition was not easy, especially because it was linked to lockdowns and the fear of getting sick.”

Graham Betchart’s videos were a simple and effective way for me to rethink and refocus in areas that needed to be calibrated with this "new-normal". With his quick online tutorials, I learned how to be present, how to better face my fears, how not to panic, and especially how to leverage negative feelings into positiveness, which I value the most about the series.”

    -- Tais Agulhari, Senior Representative, Customer Success Management

And support every Rocketeer’s choice of technology.

“Rocketeers want options that will inspire them to do their best work, including choosing the technology they need to achieve their goals and advance their careers.”

“With our TechChoice Program, Rocketeers choose the technology they use. Their preference and opinion matters. They know best.”

“Allowing Rocketeers to shape their on-the-job experience also leads to higher job satisfaction.”

    -- Fatin Hazirah Surizan, Associate, People Advocate

We encourage each other to explore our diversity.  

“ServiceRocket is very diverse. The Rocketeers I work with are located all over the world. There are topics that, as Asians, we casually talk about, topics that people from the other side of the world may find awkward.”

‘The more we know about where Rocketeers are from—their background, the way they think—the more we will understand each other and how we can effectively work together.”  

    -- Anna Cardino, Associate, License Administration

And to take some time to honor what we each believe in.

"Cultural Heritage and Community Day is important for me. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the beautiful stories of Rocketeers from diversified backgrounds and history.”

“I look forward to learning more about other Rocketeers and their appreciation for their cultural heritage. It’s a great way to make new friends too.”  

    -- Ahmad Danial, Senior Engineer, Customer Support

Time away from work is supported and celebrated.  

"Flexibility and a strong #ThinkTeam culture means that I’m able to enjoy my time traveling without worrying about work. The ServiceRocket team is always ready to jump on an issue without interrupting someone who is enjoying their holiday."

    -- Foo Guan Sim, Services Manager and vlogger

As we nurture each Rocketeer’s growth.

“ServiceRocket has been my companion throughout my career development. It has allowed me to take on different challenges and roles.”

“I began as a Support Engineer and recently started my role as an Engineering Lead, which has been vital for my career. ServiceRocket empowered me and gave me the trust I needed to work in different areas and start growing from the inside.”

    -- Andres Hazard, Software Lead

And enable them to go higher.

ServiceRocket is committed to helping every Rocketeer enjoy a life experience that supports their professional growth and personal well being.

As a member of our global Rocketeer family, we provide a flexible work model, a comprehensive compensation program, family-friendly health benefits, wellness programs, monthly stipends and more.

Our amazing community thrives on stable confidence and innovation. We’ve got your back, every step of the way. Join us.

Family is everything.

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