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Together, We Celebrate our Rich Cultural Heritage

Diversity has long been a tenet at ServiceRocket.

Our company’s vibrant diversity encourages us to respect one another, irrespective of color, race, gender or creed. It’s shaped our inclusive global culture and empowered a diversity of thought that results in innovative solutions and services.

With our recently-created Cultural Heritage and Community Day program, or CHCD, we’re exploring our diversity in a dynamic way.  

One of ServiceRocket’s many global benefits, CHCD gives Rocketeers the opportunity to select a specific day each year in which to celebrate and honor their heritage and culture.

CHCD is flexible: it changes from year to year as Rocketeers choose. The only requirement is that they share their CHCD experience with other Rocketeers in our Workplace group.

These Cultural Heritage stories bring Rocketeers closer, whether they work in close proximity or across continents.  

May 8th: Honoring Mother’s Day

“In my family, Mother's day is actually a big occasion. That’s why I decided to use my Cultural Heritage Day for it. Since my grandmother is getting on in age, the time we spend together becomes more and more precious to us. The family lunch is all home cooked food, all labors of love, with a dish from each family member that adds to the feast.”                                                          -- Lip Leon Saw, Consultant, Technical Consulting

March 18th: A day of remembrance

“It's been a few years since my father's passing. I felt it was a great idea to have a simple ceremony on my own in honor of my father. Setting a table with candles and incense with a few simple dishes–I am not big on traditions. This was more from the heart."                                             --- Tze Siong Chong, Senior Engineer, Customer Support

CHCD stories are as diverse as our culture. They honor loved ones, share family experiences and cultural traditions, and demonstrate Rocketeers’ efforts to benefit the local community.

April 18th: Celebrating my life as a volunteer

“The scientific religion/belief called Spiritism introduced me to philanthropic work, which is the main activity of those who follow this belief. Over the years, I have dedicated my time to helping others. In the end, it’s helped me be a better person and I am very grateful for that.”                            --Tais Agulhari, Senior Manager, Customer Success Operations

June 26th: The legalization of same-sex marriage in the US

“While I am married to a person of the opposite sex, this day has huge meaning as a parent of a queer child and as a friend to many LGBTQ+ folks whose marriages were finally recognized legally. These gains cannot be taken for granted.”                                                                                                     -- Jordan Richter, Senior Consultant, Technical Consulting

June 3rd: Celebrating my family

“My dad was forced to leave Venezuela in 2006 due to economic reasons. We spent nearly four years apart when I was very young. His birthday is June 2nd and my mom's is on the 4th, so we always use the 3rd as a day to cook something yummy and spend time together.”                               -- Veronica Contreras, Associate, Marketing

Since it began in 2022, CHCD has more than fulfilled its goal to expand our collective empathy. Importantly, it enables many Rocketeers who live far from their ancestral home to keep their cultural traditions alive, wherever they may be.

Honoring Lord Ganesha

“I’m using my Cultural Heritage Day to celebrate the Indian festival of Vinayaka Chavithi,  the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Although I’m away from my home country, I would like to do pooja, or worship, visit the temple, cook some special foods and spend time with family via video.”                 -- ManiKrishna Sai Ravi, Senior Engineer, Customer Support

It also gives Rocketeers time to explore their rich cultural identity.

July 29th: Finding meaning in my heritage

“For my Cultural Heritage Day, I want to dedicate some time to discover and develop what makes me different, having been raised in Argentina, Paraguay and the US (apart from Chile); to understand the journey my family took not that long ago to get to South America.”                              -- Alfonso Gomez, Manager, eCommerce

The Cultural Heritage and Community Day program enables Rocketeers to see just how diverse–and alike–they truly are. As a global community, it makes us prouder than ever of our inclusive values as we share our unique journeys.    

As part of our inclusive global family, Rocketeers enjoy a flexible work model, a comprehensive compensation program, health benefits, wellness programs, monthly stipends and more. Our amazing community thrives on stable confidence and innovation. Join us.

Sharing our diversity.

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