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Our Global Benefits Enable Rocketeers to Thrive

We’re proud of our global community.

Our geographic diversity is a strength at ServiceRocket. While it can be complex to provide Rocketeers with consistent benefits across the world, it's a challenge we fully embrace.

In addition to the core benefits that everyone receives, including a comprehensive compensation package, generous time off, health benefits, as well as country-specific benefits, we’ve created a robust roster of global benefits.

Every Rocketeer enjoys benefits that enable them to thrive, regardless of location.

Our global benefits empower Rocketeers: they decide how to apply monthly allocations to their life and work. They use them to celebrate their cultural diversity and grow their financial future.

These global benefits, listed below, reflect our commitment to every Rocketeer: to provide a work experience that supports their professional growth and well being.

We have their back, every step of the way.


With eight weeks of flexible working hours, our Returnity policy provides a smooth transition for Rocketeers as they return to work after the birth or adoption of a new child.

New Parent Leave
We give parents more time with their new family. Rocketeers can choose to take 10 full-time or twenty half-time days following the birth or adoption of a new family member.


Work life balance
We support a work life balance that encourages Rocketeers to look after themselves and their families. Our #ThinkTeam culture has their back, so time away is stress-free.

Tech Choice 2.0
Rather than a standardized computer, the TechChoice Allowance provides a monthly allowance so Rocketeers can choose the technology they use. Their preferences matter.

Personal Wellness

We support Rocketeer well-being. This employee assistance program provides access to mental health resources, including three one-on-one counselor sessions per calendar year.  

Rocketeer Wellness Allowance
We encourage Rocketeers to prioritize their well being. Our Wellness Allowance gives them the freedom to invest in wellness activities that best suit their needs.

Volleyball. Ironman marathons. Mountain biking. Pole dancing. We support the many ways that Rocketeers pursue wellness.

Career Growth

Career Pathways
Our Career Pathways Program enables Rocketeers to grow their skills and explore new roles as they map their career direction.

Rockettoria Allowance
We encourage Rocketeers to learn, grow and help others. They’re free to use their Rockettoria Allowance to improve their workspace, for classes, a daily cappuccino, or however they like.

Scholarship & Learning Allowance
One of four no-hassle global allowances, the Scholarship & Learning Allowance supports learning for Rocketeers, their families and communities, wherever they live.

Rockettoria evolved from a cafe in Sydney into a global mindset of innovation.

Giving Back

Cultural Heritage & Community Day
With over 25 nationalities, we’re proud of our diverse and inclusive culture. Rocketeers are encouraged to honor and celebrate their beliefs and customs on a day of their choosing.

Kiva Card Recognition Program
As part of our commitment to give back to the global communities where we live and work, the Kiva Card Recognition Program recognizes Rocketeers with a Kiva card to support a global entrepreneur of their choosing.

The Kiva Card Recognition program deepens our cultural diversity and supports global entrepreneurs.

Financial Wellness

Grow the Tree. Share the Fruit
Launched in 2021, Grow the Tree. Share the Fruit gives every Rocketeer an opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts, based on the achievement of their personal goals and the company’s targets.

Stock Option Plan
We’re invested in our collective success. Our Stock Option Plan grants Rocketeers the opportunity to participate in ownership of the company.

Rocketeer Referral Program
Rocketeers play a big role in growing our Rocketeer nation. They’re generously rewarded for referrals that complete our probation period or a minimum of three months work.

As a member of our global family, Rocketeers enjoy a flexible work model, a comprehensive compensation program, health benefits, wellness programs, monthly stipends and more. Our amazing community thrives on stable confidence and innovation. Join us.

Our benefits unite us.

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