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Delivering Tech Support that Delights the Customer

A good tech support team is most like:

     - An all-star sports team
     - An orchestra
     - A medical response team

When your technical support team is truly great, the answer is “all of the above”.

At ServiceRocket, our all-star tech support plays well with others. As first responders, they handle requests with ease, going the extra mile again and again. They consistently receive 4-star ratings, amazing NPS scores and fantastic CSAT scores.

In other words, our customers love ServiceRocket’s tech support.

Great teams need great leaders. They have that in Dave Leow, Andy Quah and Hanis Suhailah.

Clockwise from left: Andy Quah, Hanis Suhailah and Dave Leow

Collectively, these three tech support leaders have 25 years experience at ServiceRocket. Their savvy enables our tech support teams to deliver beyond expectation. But how, exactly?

As they told Under the Dome, their teams put ServiceRocket’s values into action, not just some days, but every day.

First of all, tell us what your team does.

Dave Leow, Support Manager
“As a team of Atlassian experts, we provide a range of flexible managed services options for the Atlassian ecosystem. We empower customers to choose the right level of support for their business.”

Andy Quah, Support Manager
“My team provides incident management, extended technical support and product inquiry assistance to the customers of our ecosystem partners. We do that through web ticketing, on-demand video conferences and community forum channels. I also manage the Leverage Support team, which enables our support engineers to upskill their technical knowledge and customer support capabilities as they back up our front line resources.”  

Hanis Suhailah, Lead Support Services
“We support ServiceRocket apps and assist potential customers, trial users and existing customers with app demos, licensing issues, technical problems and bug verification. We make sure customer voices are heard by channeling their feedback to the respective teams in product, engineering and technical content. We also offer a range of services that deliver additional value.”

Why does your team consistently generate great customer feedback?

Dave Leow
“It’s a combination of a few key reasons. First of all, speed of response.”

“After all, who likes waiting for days just to get a simple problem solved?”

“More than 70% of our positive customer feedback was related to "quick", "efficient", "prompt", "fast", and so on. On top of that, our team has great problem-solving abilities and in-depth knowledge. Rather than simply solving problems, we proactively initiate human interactions that build solid partner relationships.”

Andy Quah
“My team knows how to manage customer expectations and sentiments, especially during a critical incident. We extend the capabilities of our partners by increasing their capacity to expediently deliver proactive help or workarounds to their customers. Using our partner’s support channels and voice, we have the ability to quickly reproduce and resolve difficult technical issues.”

Hanis Suhailah
“As Dave mentioned, the majority of positive reviews we receive cite our prompt response. My team makes good use of the latest technologies and live chat for that purpose. Another thing that sets us apart: we maintain strong relationships with ServiceRocket’s product and engineering teams. That feedback aligns us all in a common goal to delight the customer.”

How does your team maintain their momentum and humanity?

Dave Leow
“We’re a high-performing and collaborative team that understands ServiceRocket’s vision and our team’s mission. We’re well-equipped with effective team processes. Most importantly, everyone on the team supports each other. We have each other’s back. All of that gives us the means to continually drive the journey to customer success.”

Andy Quah
“As Hanis mentioned, Delight the Customer is one of the values that our support team always upholds. We believe that when we’re able to deliver a consistent and awesome customer experience for the end user, we will be able to build customer loyalty and continuous growth for our Managed Services customers.”

Hanis Suhailah
“To be honest, things can really get busy! Our Think Team spirit and good communication within the team help keep us going.”

“Every single person is really passionate about enabling our customers as heroes.”

“As Dave said, ServiceRocket’s brand promise, “We’ve Got your Back,” is there in all we do, both as a team and with our customers.”

Is the goal to build a relationship that has value for the customer?

Dave Leow
“As a support team leader, I couldn't agree more with this statement. We don't just sell something to our customers and we don't just work for them reactively. We lean in and enhance our capacity to share mutual goals. We understand their needs and their company’s needs, and put ourselves in their shoes.”

What makes ServiceRocket a great place to be a leader?

Andy Quah
“We’re empowered to make decisions for our personal growth, our team’s growth and the growth of the company.”

“ServiceRocket is like an open source platform for leaders.”

“There’s no hierarchical feeling at ServiceRocket. We speak our minds freely. There’s also a lot of opportunity to connect with other leaders across the business.”

Dave Leow
“I agree. With all the support and guidance we get from upper management, you can continuously develop your career path. If you maintain your passion, you can clear any obstacles and reach your full potential.”

Hanis Suhailah
“I think for me, it’s the freedom to enable myself and the people I work with. Being able to envision, align and execute, for the good of the team, as well as our company and customers. That keeps me going.”

Are you passionate about helping people solve technical issues? Our excellent team of tech support Rocketeers will always have your back. Check out our current job openings. We offer great benefits in a supportive work environment and the opportunity to grow your career. Join us!

We enable customers to be heroes.

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