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Giving that Gives Back: The Kiva Card Recognition Program

At ServiceRocket, we’ve found that diversity—both in thinking and experience—provides the best input for problem solving.

That philosophy has generated amazing outcomes.

It’s enabled us to provide opportunities for our Rocketeer family to learn and grow both individually and collectively. It’s had a lasting impact on Rocketeers’ families and communities and created an amazingly diverse global culture at ServiceRocket.

The Kiva Card Recognition Program is another way we enrich diversity.  

How the program works
Kiva is a nonprofit organization that offers microloans to low-income entrepreneurs and students in 77 countries around the world. Loans of as little as $25 are pooled together to crowd fund businesses. Once a Kiva loan is repaid, the same funds can be used to fund other entrepreneurs.  

Our Kiva program is supported by the ServiceRocket Foundation and our ServiceRocket managers. Everyone in the company has the opportunity to take part in the Foundation’s mission: to make a change in communities, wherever they may be, through the work of local organizations and groups that support the causes we care about and want to see thrive.

Among its many benefits, the program has deepened our cultural diversity and empowered hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world.

Support that keeps on growing
As part of the program, Rocketeers (individually or as a team) earn a kudos in Workplace; their manager nominates them for Kiva card recognition. From this group, selected Rocketeers are awarded a Kiva card  that they then use to support a person or project of their choosing.

A few of our Kiva Card Program honorees.

The Kiva Card Recognition Program is a permanent part of our Rocketeer recognition program; 10+ Rocketeers are nominated each month. Kiva Lending Team members have increased from eight Rocketeers to 74 in the past 12 months. The amount funded toward Kiva loans has exceeded our goal of $10,000 and continues to grow.

Behind every Kiva loan is a story, a community or family who is directly impacted by the loan. Rocketeers often select an entrepreneur that connects to their own personal experiences and share stories that deepen our understanding of our Rocketeer community.

Rocketeers share their Kiva giving stories.

Through their excellence, Rocketeers have grown the Kiva Card Recognition Program. In 2021, the number of Kiva loans given by members of our Lending Team increased by 300+%. To date, the team has issued over 400 loans. Those funds keep on going through Kiva.

Following a conversation with ServiceRocket CEO Rob Castaneda, we were inspired by this note from Kiva’s founder:

        “What you are doing with Kiva is so great. I am deeply honored and really appreciate your letting me know. I will touch base with my head of partnerships and ask what we can do to further support you and ServiceRocket."

        "Our call today is one of the things I’ll put on my list of three things I’m grateful for today.”

          -- Chris Tsakalakis, CEO, Kiva

As a company and as individuals, paying it forward and demonstrating empathy towards others is a robust investment strategy.

Kudos to our amazing Rocketeers for making it all possible.

To give is to receive.

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