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ServiceRocket: Sharing the Harvest

Did you notice?

We recently updated our company tagline on social media:

      From transforming business to growing careers, we accelerate growth.

Accelerate, indeed! The year is off to a great start at ServiceRocket. We’ve generated growth across the entire business in 2022. In fact, we recently had our highest ever billings and revenue ever.

But there are more ways to measure growth than dollars. It's about the opportunities we provide Rocketeers to learn, grow and thrive.

And now, some much-deserved props...

We’re learning a lot
Our commitment: provide a top-notch experience to customers and partners. We do that by focusing on Rocketeers’ professional development. That’s why we invest in their career growth and training in a big way.

To date in 2022, Rocketeers have earned over 350 new accreditations and certifications.

As companies turn to us to manage their Atlassian migration to Cloud, we’re especially focused on Atlassian Cloud certifications, including Cloud Sales Professional, Cloud Sales Technical Professional, Jira Administration and Managing Jira Projects, to name just a few.

And we're welcoming new customers
In Q3, nearly 150 new customers turned to us to help accelerate their growth, including global communication giants, growing healthcare companies and the CDC. Welcome everyone!

As we do for thousands of companies, we commit to this promise:  

            To be the most reliable partner in the acceleration of your growth.

Hello to new partners
Welcome to Miro and NetSuite, our newest partners. Both partnerships are informed by our first hand use of their products, much like our longtime partnership with Atlassian.  

“Miro is how we share ideas and conceptualize as teams, both internally and with clients,” says Peter Marquez, CCO, ServiceRocket. “Similarly, our commitment to the NetSuite practice and platform over the past two years has enabled us to accelerate our business.”

Successful partnerships stem from solid relationships. We look forward to building success with these partners and enabling them to grow their ecosystems.

And hats off to outstanding recognition
Our Apps Support Services teams take Delight the Customer (one of our five company values) to a whole other level.

In Q1 of 2022, they received an amazing number of four-star reviews—28 of them to date. Nearly every one praised the team's level of excellence.

How does our all-star tech support team do it? By living another one of our values: Think Team. Kudos!

We welcome new Rocketeers
Kudos as well to our People and Recruiting teams. Not only did they successfully pull off our first-ever remote bootcamp (and onboarding two new Rocketeers) they engaged smart recruits everywhere!

ServiceRocket onboarded 36 new Rocketeers and ten new interns in Q1 2022.

That number has likely since increased—we’re hiring! Our newest recruits herald from across America (Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, Missouri) as well as Vancouver, India and the Philippines.  

Without doubt, our global culture is growing.

And we enable Rocketeer growth
Our LinkedIn feed was a virtual parade of announcements in early 2022.  

Twenty-two Rocketeers received well-deserved career promotions.

“We’re excited about our promotion cycle and the many high-performing Rocketeers who meet our promotion criteria,” says Rob Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket. “As we settle into a rhythm, our promotion cycle will be biannual.” Take a bow, everyone!

ServiceRocket’s amazing success is cumulative. “We’re reaping the rewards of work done in previous quarters and weeks,” notes Castaneda. “None of our departments run independently. They all dance together.”

We’re in it for the long run, and always, moving forward.

Our inclusive and diverse global culture supports every Rocketeer. We provide  extensive benefits that foster their well being. Together, we collaborate across five continents to delight each other and our global customers. Join us.

We reap success & sow new growth.

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