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We Simplified Remote Attendance Taking for Teachers

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We’re pumped to share news of our Google Classroom add-on, Attendance Taker for Classroom. Already in use around the world, this powerful app is designed with teachers in mind.  Now teachers can quickly track attendance, schedule and manage classes, share resources, generate reports and more.

Based on the many five-star reviews it’s received so far, Attendance Taker for Classroom gets an A+.  Attendance Taker for Classroom isn’t far afield from our company’s roots. “ServiceRocket first began as a learning company. Learning is in our DNA,” says Peter Marquez, General Manager, Apps. “We’re very excited to offer teachers and administrators a tool that simplifies online attendance.”

Visit our Software Adoption Blog for Atlassian to learn more about Attendance Taker for Classroom.

Prompted by the COVID pandemic, remote learning has undergone rapid growth. Over 100 million teachers and students now depend on Google Classroom. By seamlessly integrating with Google Classroom data, Attendance Taker for Classroom auto-fills class lists; student attendance is validated with Google Classroom. It also simplifies reporting: teachers generate attendance reports in just one click.

Attendance Taker for Classroom gives teachers more time to do what they love—teach.

We’re proud to provide a reasonably-priced product that addresses the need for more accurate attendance records for live or pre-recorded classes and assignments. Find out more about Attendance Taker for Classroom and take advantage of our 30-day free trial at Google Marketplace.

This app helps teachers do what they love—teach.

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