Miro: A Catalyst for Innovation at ServiceRocket

Beyond collaboration, the visual workspace informs how we work, delivers training and nurtures product innovation.

Miro: A Catalyst for Innovation at ServiceRocket

Beyond collaboration, the visual workspace informs how we work, delivers training and nurtures product innovation.

It’s easy for ideas to get lost in translation.

That’s especially true in today’s remote work environment where innovation is often parsed across time zones and siloed by platforms and work schedules.

Miro, the visual workspace for innovation, was created to address and help solve that challenge.

In 2011 Andrey Khusid, Miro’s CEO and co-founder, sought a better way for his design agency to communicate ideas to clients who were offsite. That desire fueled the development and launch of the digital whiteboard RealtimeBoard, later known as Miro.

Visual collaboration has proven to be a powerful capability.

Today, Miro boasts 60 million users and 200,000 client organizations globally, including ServiceRocket. From our CEO to service agents, Miro has changed how Rocketeers work as a global organization.

The transformative impact of Jira and Miro
The platform’s strength lies in its ability to help engineering product design teams innovate without boundaries.

Miro has given ServiceRocket’s vibrant product team the freedom to ideate synchronously in meetings and asynchronously; content can quickly be summarized and presented to leaders and vetted by others.

“We know how to build great products,” says Rob Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket. “The popularity of ServiceRocket-developed products on the Atlassian and Salesforce marketplace prove our capabilities. But Miro has changed how we work, especially by leveraging its integration with Jira.”

“As a product manager, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of integrating Miro for Jira Cloud into our product development team workflow,” says Aidin Mahmoodi, Senior Lead, Product Management.  

Miro helps ensure great ideas don't get lost in the shuffle, notes Aidin. ”It's also given us the ability to visualize our product backlogs and user story maps to significantly improve our planning and prioritization processes.”

The team, adds Aidin, has fully immersed itself in the Miro experience.

“We’ve built a culture around using Miro to ideate, discuss, vote, create plans, make decisions and surface the action items to teams. This has been streamlined with the use of the Jira connector.”

At ServiceRocket, every new solution and innovation starts on a Miro board. Our commitment to the platform is deep.

In fact nearly a dozen new hacks built on the Miro platform have been generated in the team’s quarterly Hack Weeks.  

“Anyone with an innovative spirit, regardless of their engineering background, can participate in a Hack Week-long quest to uncover groundbreaking solutions that enhance our processes,” notes Azwandi Aris, Executive Director, Product Management.

“Some of these solutions will soon be available,” adds Azwandi, “allowing the entire community to benefit from these innovative Miro add-ons.

The Miro team is equally excited about the rollout of these new apps in 2024.

“ServiceRocket showcases the power of what can be done within the Miro ecosystem,” says Andrew Edelman, Head of Partnerships at Miro.

“Their innovative use of Miro has not only propelled their product development and training capabilities to new heights but also exemplifies the transformative power of visual collaboration tools in today's diverse and dynamic work environments,” adds Edelman. “Their commitment to utilizing Miro for ideation, decision-making, and customer-centric design is inspiring.”

Making more lightbulb moments
Beyond its capacity to spark product innovation, the Miro platform has advanced another area of expertise at ServiceRocket: Training.

“We learned that delivering training of any kind with Miro added more engagement and interaction,” notes Peter Marquez, CCO, ServiceRocket. “This quickly led to offering and delivering Miro training to other users.”

“Our Miro training offering is unique in that we take a consultative and engaging approach,” explains Dave Derington, Director, Solution Architecture. “We use Miro interactively to help teams understand how to maximize its value, all within the customer’s native environment.”

Instructor-led, hands-on training generates exciting ah-ha moments.

“Our training is designed for meeting facilitators, agile teams and end-users alike,” adds Dave. “Each role comes away knowing where to start and how to use relevant templates to host amazing meetings and get-things-done,” adds Dave.

ServiceRocket offers subscription and public training that targets collaboration tools from Miro, as well as Atlassian and Appfire.

“The use of these tools is on the rise for good reason,” notes Rob. “We’re gratified to see the positive response to our public and subscription-based training plans, from government agencies to start-ups.”

From innovative app development to advanced training, ServiceRocket is proud to contribute to Miro’s mission: to empower teams to create the next big thing.

It’s one reason why ServiceRocket remains laser-focused on its purpose: to be the single most reliable partner for our partners and customers.

Miro is playing a dynamic role in that mission.

Empower your users to extract more value from the platforms you invest in. As a trusted training partner to Atlassian, Appfire and Miro, our training offering is based on 20+ years experience. Learn more about our training program’s flexible subscription-based plans.

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