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What a Hack Week! A Recap of 23.1

July 2022: Hack Week 23.1 was one for the books.

That’s saying a lot, given that our hack week tradition began in 2016.

Held twice a year (in January and July), hack weeks at ServiceRocket reflect a culture of innovation that’s taking product development to new heights.

Wall to wall Hack Week!

A hack week of firsts
Hack Week 23.1 was bigger (a record 62 Rocketeers), more inclusive (participants and judges represented Engineering, IT, Product, Support and Services) and more transparent than ever (the entire process, from ideation to comments to voting, was done on Jira).

There were other firsts, including live presentations conducted across three time zones as well as new participants from Manila collaborating with teams in Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Santiago.

Ideation in progress...

Hack week grows our ecosystem
ServiceRocket’s robust partner ecosystem is populated with products we know and use every day, including NetSuite, Miro and Jira. Building hacks that extend them is a natural outcome of our culture.

Our partners were intentionally top of mind this year, says Kai Fung Chong, Lead, Software Engineering. “During hack week, our goal was to grow our own capabilities as we extend the capabilities of our partners' platforms.”

Kai Fung sees a dynamic alignment between hack week and ServiceRocket’s purpose. “We are the single most reliable partner in accelerating our partners’ growth. Hack week plays a big part in that capability.”

That was demonstrated in this year’s hack week winner and two runners up.

Hack Week 23.1 frontrunners
As a NetSuite Solution Provider Program partner, ServiceRocket is well-positioned to provide NetSuite sales and implementation, automation, customization and integration services.

We also use this dynamic platform in a number of important ways ourselves. Our NetSuite specialists created a NetSuite customization that simplified ServiceRocket’s complex global payroll system. NetSuite also supports our dynamic Grow the Tree. Share the Fruit program that’s measured by the success of our quarterly goals.

Hack Week 23.1’s winner, NetSuite Shared Goals, sought to simplify that goal-tracking process.

The app allows users to create shared goals and see status updates in NetSuite and features a Workplace Bot that lets users update their NetSuite goals in Workplace.  

“We know the Rocketeer experience powers the ServiceRocket flywheel,” says Jonathan Appel, Senior Director, Software Engineering, ServiceRocket. "Netsuite apps that make work easier create great experiences. Everyone loved how this hack simplified a tedious task. And that's what good tech does!”

Hack week runners up tapped other ServiceRocket partners. Reserved, a Seat Booking App for Jira, allows workers to secure a space for their teams to collaborate, while Miro Voice enables users to attach audio files to this robust platform.

Kudos to the 38 submissions from Hack Week 23.01. (38!)

Big benefits for everyone
Our amazing hack weeks rely on ServiceRocket’s rich talent pipeline—they also attract great engineering talent.

Hack week also supports ServiceRocket's organizational health by providing a channel for Rocketeers to share inefficiencies that engineers are quick to pick up on.

The result: human-centric solutions that allow people to work with less stress.

Long live hack week!

Looking for a great place to start your career or grow your skills, where your ideas matter, and have a blast doing it? At ServiceRocket, we’re committed to creating a mindful and open culture that supports the growth of our Rocketeers every day. Join us.

We like to innovate!

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