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Unlock the Full
Potential of Workplace
with ServiceRocket
Foster employee collaboration, innovation, and productivity through Workplace from Facebook by partnering with us.
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Our mission:
To be the most reliable partner in the acceleration of your company's growth
Why Choose ServiceRocket
as Your Workplace Partner?

Customer success is at the heart of what we do. Working side-by-side, we’ll help you achieve a successful launch as well as drive your team's adoption and ongoing engagement.

The lessons we have learned from our own experiences as a user of Workplace and our licensing and implementation customers will greatly increase your Workplace adoption.

Here's How We Can Help

Our licensing team provides the highest level of customer service to optimize your license procurement for Workplace.


Our Implementation team will make sure that your instance of Workplace integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure with our custom made apps.

Adoption Training

Improve budget planning and reduce procurement cycles by co-terming to align to one renewal date.

Custom Integrations
and BOT Creation

After your teams' adoption of the tool, we help you identify ways to automate processes that regularly take place in Workplace to drive efficiencies.

Unlock the Full Potential of Workplace
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Workplace from Facebook
Platform - Familiar and Easy
to Use

Workplace is the modern, enterprise social communication platform built to change the way people communicate at work and foster community.

With over 2.4B people using Facebook every month the transition to Workplace is simple because of the familiar user experience, interface and features.

Reduction in leadership communication costs
Reduction in time taken for frontline workers to get updates
Onboarding efficiency
Return on investment in Workplace over 3 years
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Chat lets the team send text, files, images, video messages, audio clips, etc. to anyone within the company. Chat is an ideal way for teams to communicate about projects and keep everyone informed.


Tacit knowledge can be shared easily between team members and shared with new employees in groups. Posts within groups can include text, images, videos, or documents saving everyone time as an single source of information on that project or initiative.

Live & Recorded Video Transmission

Live Video can be used to broadcast a video message to specific groups or your entire company at once. Team members can comment on videos with questions and engage directly with the presenter. The video lives on Workplace's servers so anyone who missed the live version can watch it later.

News Feed

News feeds are how your team is kept up to date with what is going on in the company. Companies can also make updates on the news feed to increase visibility for company-wide announcements, keeping everyone informed and encouraging the team to participate in real time.

Knowledge Library

The Knowledge Library is an out-of-the-box repository for key employee resources. It’s a single place to create, store and share static content, so your company's tacit knowledge is always accessible and discoverable. Whether your employees are looking for the vacation policy, employee training manual, or service desk information, they can all be found here.

Using Workplace to enhance emergency response and reinforce employee safety.

Bel Group used Safety Officer, a Workplace App developed by ServiceRocket, to standardize and accelerate responses to emergencies across its global operations and to reinforce its employee safety.

Unlock the Full
Potential of Workplace
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