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ServiceRocket helps organizations all over the world learn, implement, and adopt Workplace by Facebook to connect people, break down silos, and help organizations create collaborative cultures.
Companies, large or small, can achieve a huge competitive advantage if they can connect employees, create an open environment of collaboration across teams, geographies, and levels, and engage them around a common purpose. To do this, companies need modern, collaborative tools that empower people to communicate, share, and work better together.
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Training and
Learning Bundles

Since you have just started using Workplace, get your team off to a great start with hands-on training. It’s not about learning features, but how to get more done.

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What’s Possible in Workplace

If you are new to Workplace or are considering it, join one of our Jam Sessions. See the platform in action. Learn what’s possible in Workplace and get your questions answered.

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Stay up to date on software adoption practices, including Workplace. Subscribe to the Software Adoption Blog.

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User Group

The Workplace by Facebook User Group meets every month in Palo Alto to ideas, practices, and stories of people who create more open and connected workplaces.

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Workplace Apps

Safety Officer - A Workplace by Facebook App, provides an efficient and reliable safety checks and monitoring for everyone in your organization.
We are developing a suite of Apps for Workplace to help teams share information more effectively. Above, the Safety Officer App. Below, Workplace App Org Chart.

Both Apps are available now via the Workplace Apps Manager.
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New software implementations require assembling the right team, defining the right goals, and executing an organized roll-out plan that addresses technology, process, and people needs. Without these elements, software projects risk sub-par performance or outright failure.

ServiceRocket works with your team to design and deliver software implementations that address the technical, functional, and people aspects to ensure you achieve high adoption and desired outcomes--whatever those outcomes are.


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The biggest mistake we see with software projects is lack of focus on sustained adoption beyond the initial implementation.

After all:

  • The economic landscape changes.
  • Your competition changes.
  • Your company changes.
  • Leadership changes. 
  • Team composition changes. 
  • Software changes.

Companies need to keep up with these changes in order to remain competitive.

ServiceRocket advisory services help your organization stay aligned with current best practices and technology changes. This is a small investment in keeping your organization connected, competitive, and closer to realizing your mission and values.


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No matter how well-designed software is or how easy it is to use, innovative software disrupts how people work, and changing how people work requires learning. It requires that people forget old habits and learn new habits. ServiceRocket education offerings for Workplace focuses on helping people understand their current way of working and translating that into working in a new way using Workplace.

The education process is not about learning features, but about learning best practices for how to connect, communicate, and collaborate more effectively with Workplace.

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No project is too involved or complex. We have helped a wide range of global companies learn, implement, and adopt collaborative technologies that empower them to transform the way they do business.

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