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The Story Behind Atlassian's World-Class Global Support Team

Atlassian products – including JIRA, Bonfire, Confluence, Stash, Hipchat and Bitbucket – help innovators everywhere plan, build and launch great software. More than 25,000 large and small organizations – including Citigroup, eBay, Netflix, NASA, Coca-Cola and United Airlines – use Atlassian’s issue tracking, collaboration and software-development products to work smarter and deliver quality.

Worldwide and World-class Customer Support

In 2005, Atlassian didn’t have a dedicated support function – the company had developers rotating in and out of the support function. It had grown so fast the company needed a dedicated support function and it was then they decided to partner with ServiceRocket.

When Tombo joined Atlassian almost six years ago, the company chose ServiceRocket’s Support Services to help manage its global customer support. ServiceRocket has since acted as an extension of Atlassian’s support organization, delivering technical support directly to Atlassian customers all across the globe.

“Technology is the core of Atlassian – it’s what we do,” said Wayne Tombo, Director of Support Operations at Atlassian. “We’re a software tools company. Our role in the support organization is to eliminate barriers for our customers and allow them to create the awesome software that they’re developing.”

“Growing the team globally was a priority for the company,” Tombo said. “and ServiceRocket has helped us do that with a team of bright, technical people, who are self-sufficient, hit their goals and push Atlassian to a higher level.”

Delivering consistent, high quality, global technical support is a hard problem to solve – that’s where ServiceRocket can help. ServiceRocket lives and breathes support and has extensive experience delivering global support operations and providing services for companies of all shapes and sizes. With ServiceRocket, Atlassian can scale up or down its resources as needed – for example, in the case of a product launch.

“ServiceRocket gives us world-class customer support,” Tombo said.

Don’t #@!% the Customer

Atlassian has three goals for a successful support operation. The first is to prevent issues from occurring — that’s where high quality tools such as JIRA, Greenhopper and Bonfire come in. The best offense against support issues is a good defense against creating bad software in the first place. The second goal is to provide easy-to-find self help so that if a problem does slip through the cracks, customers have a place to go to find out answers to the problem they’re having. Lastly, if Atlassian customers still can’t find the answer they need, Atlassian provides world-class support so the customer leaves with a smile on their face.

“One of the things we find extremely valuable when working with partners is alignment of our value and culture,” Tombo said. Both Atlassian and ServiceRocket have similar values centered on the customer – one of the more popular values Atlassian is built upon is Don’t #@!% the Customer, while ServiceRocket’s version is Delight the Customer. “We have a very well aligned culture and value system with ServiceRocket – they’re an extension of Atlassian,” Tombo said.

“A customer said to me recently ‘Wayne what have you done in the last two years? The support I’ve gotten has been amazing and I’ve definitely seen the improvement year over year.’ That’s music to my ears,” Tombo said. “We are definitely thankful for ServiceRocket. They’ve allowed us to expand our support organization and meet our customer needs.”

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