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December 9, 2015
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How to Use Confluence to Create Beautiful eLearning (VIDEO)

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Atlassian Confluence is the industry-leading software of choice for teams and organizations to work together in a wiki environment.

Teams use Confluence to outline processes, create workflows, or gather disparate knowledge onto Confluence pages. You bring on a new team member, you direct them to a Confluence page and boom, right?

Well, learning is a lot more than just reading a page. (Go straight to video)


The human brain benefits from modular design, repetition and recollection. Reading a static Confluence page doesn't exactly inspire a lot of neural connection nor synapse growth. And how do you know who "completed" your learning? How do you measure, track and report?

Get to the Part Where We Build Some Nice eLearning


Learndot is a SaaS-based Learning Management System, billed as the fastest way to grow a customer training business. Whether you are looking to build external customer training or internal employee training for your team, the Learndot LMS has a slick eLearning authoring tool to help you do exactly that.

Why should you care about Learndot? In 5 minutes with the tool you could set up an eLearning academy. What's more - you can now manage the entire creation process for your eLearning within Atlassian Confluence.

ServiceRocket has built a Connector for Learndot and Atlassian Confluence which enables teams to collaboratively build eLearning directly from Confluence. The teamwork prowess of Confluence can be leveraged with the design, reporting and insight of Learndot.

The kicker? The Connector comes free as part of the Learndot App Ecosystem.

What will you build with your team?

Our team of experts makes the entire licensing process - from buying to management to renewal - simplified and tailored to fit your business.

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