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Building Momentum for Customers and Partners in 2023

2022 was truly an amazing year at ServiceRocket.  

A few of our many achievements: Rocketeers exceeded expectations for countless companies as an Atlassian Specialized Partner in both ITSM and Cloud. We brought our Atlassian expertise to more countries on more continents and announced our membership in the NetSuite Solution Program.

2023 is off to an exciting start with the announcement of our enhanced channel partnership with Appfire and their acquisition of a portion of ServiceRocket’s app portfolio.

So, what’s next?

Rocketeers are ready to accelerate their momentum for customers and partners in 2023.

Our growing momentum with Atlassian ITSM, Agile at Scale and Cloud migration will increase the value companies get from their teams and their Atlassian platform investment.

One of our most important initiatives for 2023 is to lower the total cost of operation for organizations generating value with Atlassian. Across every major industry, our managed services for Atlassian have proven to simplify operations for companies by effectively becoming their full-service Atlassian IT team.

“The new year marks the next phase of our growth and development,” says Rob Castaneda, CEO.

“Over the past 18 months, Rocketeers built momentum between our license sales, apps, professional services and managed service business to establish our flywheel," adds Castaneda. "Most importantly, we proved it was possible to accelerate growth, and the flywheel, by focusing on customer experience.”

Now, says Peter Marquez, CCO, Rocketeers are positioned to continue that momentum.

“We are focused on the characteristics unique to ServiceRocket that deliver great customer experience. Those include our dynamic flywheel, principles for leadership behaviors and customer-driven Accountable Innovation. We’ll listen closely to our customers, smartly anticipate their needs and quickly help them create value with greater speed and purpose in 2023,” continues Marquez.

“With better testing, proof and data, our solutions will demonstrate to customers and partners that they are heard, cared for and valued.”

Heard, cared for and valued.

Those long-standing tenets of our vibrant global culture will continue to guide Rocketeers as they create new apps and service solutions in 2023.

2023 will undoubtedly be an exciting year for Rocketeers.

More than ever, they will have the opportunity to stretch, grow and challenge their assumptions, applying their skills and experience with stable confidence.

Stable confidence. Think team. We’ve got your back.

Our values will continue to fuel our momentum forward in 2023.

Twenty-plus years on, the journey continues. Stay tuned!

Find out how ServiceRocket can enable your successful Cloud migration, help your business build a better ITSM platform and enable your business to scale with NetSuite.

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