Is There Such a Thing as Thoughtful Technology?

Much like people, companies need routines to stay in shape. Beyond our commitment to Rocketeer wellness, part of our operational hygiene is to bring a pragmatic approach to our customers’ business health.

Our commitment is to deliver tech-enabled services that are practical and thoughtful.

Brushing one’s teeth is practical. Greeting cards are thoughtful. Can anything based on technology have those qualities? How do we incorporate this commitment into our daily work?

Who better to answer that question than Rocketeers themselves. After all, it’s their job to deliver ServiceRocket’s services and products in a practical and thoughtful way.

After checking in with the Rocketeers below, we might just say, “We apply technology in a practical, thoughtful and empathetic way.” Bravo.

“We take a holistic view of our customer’s goals and challenges...”

“Rather than passively wait for problems, we listen and follow their lead. Early on we validate ideas by conducting data-driven studies. This way we fully understand the customer’s patterns and behaviors. Very often we discover potential bottlenecks before they happen. We’re careful to verify our theories with quantitative and qualitative studies. These efforts enable us to make more conscientious decisions as we design new apps and solutions.”  

-- Aidin Mahmoodi, Product Manager, Apps Team, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Our engineering team isn’t bound to a specific stack...”

“Instead we find the best and most suitable technology for the task. In fact we thrive on adapting new technologies to our customer’s needs. I recall a customer who needed a chatbot for their internal communications. We decided that NPL was the right way to go. Never mind that we didn’t know a lot about it. We took a deep dive into machine learning, language models and everything NPL. That’s one reason why I personally find it exciting to be part of this team.”

-- Andres Hazard, Agile Developer, Santiago, Chile

“Our team’s mission is to deliver an exceptional customer experience...”

“We enable users to get the most from our apps and their efforts. ServiceRocket apps have purposeful design and thoughtful logic so users can focus on their business goals. But we don’t stop there. We create continuous improvement with our resources and documentation. We invite customer feedback throughout the process to ensure that our solutions align with their expectations. The result: easy to use apps that solve a wide range of use cases, coupled with five-star global customer support.”

-- Yamam Al Ghourani, Apps Support Engineer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

More thought means less stress for users.

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