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Keep on Moving! We Support Rocketeer Wellness

Three years into a global pandemic, we’re all a bit exhausted.

It's no wonder that wellness is top of mind for many. So too is the need for work life balance as we continue to work remotely.  

Rocketeers have responded. They’re channeling their energy and taking charge of their physical and mental wellbeing by being active–rain or shine–indoors or out. They’re sharing their fitness goals and adventures on our Workplace platform, where they root each other on. Check out their comments and responses from Rocketeers who have their back.

"My wellness goal for this quarter is to hit 10,000 steps during the day. I thought this was gonna be easy. Boy, was I wrong!!"

We have a Strava group for all Rocketeers. Join us there!
“I'm learning advanced level tricks called "jallegra moves" with occasional splits to make them even more impressive.”

I get dizzy trying to figure out how you are doing this!
“This Rocketeer Wellness Group kicked my butt and told me, go get your running mojo back."

Go go go -- I'm also trying to get my mojo back!
We support Rocketeer wellness.

That’s why, as part of our extensive global benefits, in 2022 ServiceRocket is rolling out the Rocketeer Wellness Allowance program. The monthly stipend gives every Rocketeer an unrestricted, no-hassle monthly allowance for wellness to use as they choose.  

Rocketeers can apply their Wellness Allowance to everything from race entries to athletic wear, gym memberships or out of pocket medical expenses. Literally anything related to health and well being.

The program eliminates the need for Rocketeers to submit an invoice or receipt for expenses (yay!) It also eliminates the cost of processing hundreds of expense reports every year for health-related expenses. That leaves more money for Rocketeer wellness.

From Malaysia to London and points in between, keep on moving, Rocketeers!

"A scenic 15km run through Malaysia’s richest neighborhood.  Lots of enjoyable hills. (haha)"

40-50 minutes was enough for me!
"I didn’t touch a volleyball all week. Super proud of our performance!"

Nice one, you held up strong!
"Families are out on their front gardens supporting us along the way."


The Rocketeer Wellness Allowance program is just one of the extensive global benefits Rocketeers receive, regardless of their location. Other unique benefits include our Grow the Tree. Share the Fruit and Kiva Card Recognition programs. Our inclusive community thrives on stable confidence and innovation. Join us.

Motion is lotion.

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