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Navigate Tough Technology Challenges with Solution Architects

      - Modifying the same configuration for the hundredth time.
      - Making time to review and optimize complex workflows.
      - Understanding the impact of a security vulnerability in real-time.
      - Is a new feature’s business impact worth the technical effort?

The list is long...

These common operational challenges can quickly become stress-inducing disruptors.  Left to linger, they can adversely impact productivity and momentum.

ServiceRocket's solution architects (SAs) are dedicated to helping companies make informed business decisions about the toughest tech challenges.

“Our solution architects have technical and business skills that span from the Atlassian platform to security and audit, ITSM, agile work management, cloud migration, AI, analytics, operations and more,” says Peter Marquez, CCO, ServiceRocket.

“In fact,” adds Peter, “we’ve structured our SA model around topics that customers can leverage to create competitive advantage.”

It’s like having a tech lifeline
As experts who act as a knowledge extension for businesses, SAs coordinate with both Professional and Managed Services to ensure the holistic implementation of DevOps, ITSM and enterprise service management that address critical business issues.

“The solutions we build are designed around your business,” says Foo Guan Sim, Manager, Solution Architecture, who goes by Foogie. “No matter how many or what products are required, it all starts with your job to be done. This means having non-product related discussions that focus on the desired business outcome.”

ServiceRocket SAs take a proactive business-focused approach rather than rack up time and materials (and billable hours).

They dig deep, ask questions (and follow up questions) and gather intel that enables clients to move forward with stable confidence.

“As Rocketeers, we live our values and brand promise—We’ve Got Your Back—with customers every day,” says Foogie. “We hear horror stories about companies who advocate for more time and materials (i.e., contractors) just for the sake of it. That’s not how we work.”

Helping reduce technology risks
Technical leaders are often burdened with the responsibility of having to make consequential decisions, notes Isabel Quintero, Manager, Solution Architecture.

“Technology is complex and the stakes are high. Solution Architects provide perspective based on hard-won experience. We see that our guidance brings more clarity and confidence to the decision-making process. In the end, we provide peace of mind.”

Scaling best practices. Consolidating/linking disparate systems. Delivering adaptive roadmaps. Applying new technology to emerging opportunities. Mapping long-term challenges.

These tools enable Solution Architects to make a dynamic difference.

The talented capabilities of ServiceRocket’s global SA team spans North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia; their expertise is backed by 20+ years of know-how as Atlassian’s first partner.

The result provides companies across industries with end-to-end solutions that meet today's challenges and adapt to tomorrow's changing environment.

“Our vision statement sums it up quite well,” adds Isabel. “We actively look at your environment and recommend changes that optimize the experience and help you make the best choice for now and the future.”

Watch for upcoming posts with insights from our Solution Architects team, from ITSM to change management to training and more. Interested in learning how ServiceRocket can help your tech team take off? Visit our Managed Services and Atlassian Consulting pages.

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