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Success for the Long Run: We Build Process to Drive Outcomes

By Isabel Quintero, Manager, Solution Architecture

I’m proud to manage members of our Services team across North America at ServiceRocket.

We’re 100% focused on enabling our customer’s growth.

Our group represents the rich geographic diversity that is ServiceRocket, with Rocketeers from Seattle, Toronto, Palo Alto and points beyond.

No matter the distance, we have each other’s backs. And no matter the circumstance, we have our customers’ backs.

By closely partnering with companies big and small, we’ve seen that growth often happens in bursts; it introduces challenges that require immediate action. It also demands big picture thinking.

That’s why we Build Process to Drive Outcomes, one of ServiceRocket’s five values.

What does that mean exactly? Rob Castaneda, our CEO and founder explains it well.

“At ServiceRocket, a big part of what we do is listen and do a lot of discovery work. We make sure that we understand how to get the right combination of short term wins and the long term strategy in place to build a foundation for growth and sustainable growth.”

Building a foundation for sustainable growth is what we’re all about.

Rather than a stop gap approach, we strategize a solution that generates success for the long run. It’s why so many companies choose to partner with us again and again.

That approach was exemplified in a recent collaboration with a leader in the connected technology industry.

The company had recently experienced tremendous growth in their Jira adoption.

The result led to a record number of Helpdesk tickets being created. Support hours were being consumed at twice the expected rate. Stakeholders were left thinking they needed to request an additional budget from their leadership in order to get the support they needed from our team.

Most service companies might have quickly issued a new SOW. But we're not your typical service company. Instead, our Professional Services team applied another ServiceRocket value: #ShareTheKnowledge to provide greater scalability with the resources available.

We responded with a five-pronged approach:

Our first course of action: Provide insightful analytics into Helpdesk trends and forecasts. We discovered correlations of request types with hours consumed and were able to identify opportunities for operational efficiencies.

Next, we recommended short term scalable solutions. These quick actions enabled our client to better handle the sudden growth. After all, growth is what everyone wants. Working with a partner who can help you effectively respond to it is smart.

Third, the team quickly implemented process changes as approved by the stakeholders. We implemented batch processing procedures that reduced overall cycle time for access requests.

When called for, we prioritize sharp, iterative engagements that address unique requirements.

As Rob reminds us, “Our capabilities enable companies to fully realize the value of their investments.”

we continued to monitor trends and forecasts as a result of the changes. We aimed to prove our hypothesis: that our process change would improve operational efficiency as well as impact our forecasts.

Finally, the team prepared this company for longer term solutions that will enable them to anticipate longer-term implications. We dedicated time to develop tooling automations that would further streamline operational procedures.

Throughout this journey, the ServiceRocket team considered scalability in every conversation.

We ensured that every process was built for anticipated growth for this year, in five years and beyond.

These actions are a testament to how we work with our customers—as partners. To quote Rob again: “We're not just driving towards a quarterly result but we're actually driving to meaningful change.”

Growth that's sustainable for Rocketeers, customers and the planet.

That reflects the mission of every Rocketeer at ServiceRocket: to be the single most reliable partner in the acceleration of your growth.

Isabel Quintero

I’m a Solution Architect Manager at ServiceRocket and have been here for over two years. I’m passionate about helping people by making a positive impact on their lives through technology. I also enjoy my time away from technology and often spend it outside with my two black labs and husband. We love to play beach volleyball, go camping and spend our days at the lake.

About ServiceRocket
For over 20 years, we’ve partnered with enterprises including Atlassian, Salesforce and Meta. Our tech-enabled, human services deliver on our brand promise: to be the single most reliable partner in the acceleration of your growth. Visit our Services page.

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