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Reunited! ServiceRocket Rocks Atlassian Team ‘22

After a three-year hiatus and the long-awaited lifting of COVID restrictions, Atlassian Team ‘22 gave our team the opportunity to meet Atlassian users—in person!—and hear about their needs and challenges.

The ServiceRocket team at Atlassian Team ‘22

Top of mind for many attendees was Cloud, says Kharisma Moraski, Executive Director, Partner Practice Owner. “As a Cloud Specialized Atlassian partner, we talked to a lot of people about the best way to move business-critical systems to the Cloud.”

Led by Moraski, ServiceRocket’s ace team fielded questions, not just about DevOps and IT, but also how Atlassian tools can help HR, marketing, legal, and finance teams as they move to Cloud.  

ServiceRocket’s Kharisma Moraski and Ericka Blackmer in action

Their conversations aligned with our booth’s theme, Future Proof your Business-Critical Systems, and echoed our mission: enable better alignment between mission critical systems that help companies get the most from Atlassian products.  

A spanking new Fender Stratocaster was front and center in the booth as part of our annual Guitar Giveaway. No surprise, it garnered quite a bit of attention, far more than the fake succulents.

The ServiceRocket booth at Atlassian Team ‘22

Announcing new Atlassian products
Reflecting on the recent growth of remote work models, Atlassian Team ‘22 focused on improved collaboration among distributed teams. In response, Atlassian announced two important new platform capabilities that help teams access all their Atlassian product data, including Atlassian Data Lake and Atlassian Analytics.

Business data is critical to understanding how your company operates and where there are opportunities for improvement. These new capabilities allow you to combine and analyze data and generate insights with standard business intelligence (BI) tools.

“ServiceRocket has years of experience in BI and ETL,” said Peter Marquez, ServiceRocket CCO. “Today, our experts help uncover hidden patterns and trends in Atlassian data to create competitive advantage for our customers. We’re excited to speak with users to explore how these new tools present even greater possibilities.”

Top of mind attendee takeaways
We heard common concerns for SMBs and enterprise companies alike across industries at  Atlassian Team ‘22. Some of our biggest takeaways:

Productivity of distributed teams -- This has become even more important over the past two years.

Improved customer support -- Organizations can better support their internal customers with ITSM best practices and tools for help desks and IT support.

Better goal alignment -- Every project should align with company goals. Managers are looking to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and tools like Jira Align to ensure project portfolios are managed with the company’s goals as their North Star.

We rocked the summit
A return to Atlassian’s annual conference wouldn't have been the same without a ServiceRocket tradition: our Guitar Giveaway of a prized Fender Stratocaster.

Anticipation ran high with the announcement of this year’s winner: Mike Frey, President and CEO at Yellow Basket.

Rocking the Atlassian Team ‘22 conference floor!

PS Mike: Our CEO, Rob Castaneda, an avid guitarist, is game to jam—preferably something by Steve Vai or Frank Zappa.

Another highlight: Rocketeer reunions
At ServiceRocket, we have a saying: Once a Rocketeer, always a Rocketeer. That tenet  inspired this post on LinkedIn.

Atlassian Team ‘22 provided a great opportunity to connect with former colleagues who remain dear friends. A big congratulations to past Rocketeer Greg Warner, Senior Manager at Splunk, whose team was awarded Atlassian Team of the Year. Kudos!

CEO Rob Castaneda (second from left) with former Rocketeers Matt Doar,
Greg Warner and Shreya Rawal

All in all, Team ‘22 was brilliant. We connected! Many clients told us, completely unsolicited, how much they appreciate our apps and services. Other attendees were new to ServiceRocket’s storied partnership with Atlassian that keeps growing.

“‍Our deep connection has lasted longer than most marriages and even some friendships,” says Castaneda. “It launched an ecosystem that enables fast-growing companies to grow faster. It’s given hundreds of Rocketeers an opportunity to thrive.”

Rock on!

Learn how ServiceRocket's Cloud migration services can help your company migrate to Cloud with peace of mind.

It was great seeing you!

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