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ServiceRocket is a Family. Yes We Are.

By Rob Castadenda, CEO, ServiceRocket

Every human being is part of a family. But not everyone is blessed to be part of a work family.

Let me tell you, it’s a phenomenal experience.

I may be just a bit biased. Over the past 20 years of our company, I’ve watched the ServiceRocket family grow and evolve just as my own family has done. Both continue to be an amazing experience.

When Adam Grant tweeted that “a company isn’t a family” it sparked intense debate, which isn’t surprising. Families are rarely perfect. Even the word evokes sometimes difficult histories. CEOs who replicate their familial scars on others do harm, not good.

Of course, while we can’t choose our biological families, we can choose the companies we work for.

And as leaders, we can choose the type of culture and environment that we strive to create. We can choose to be responsive.

Of late, people are choosing to walk away from jobs as never before. While attrition is a challenge, it sends a clear message to employers: do better—we want more.    

Grant is right in that the best companies provide “a place where people bond around shared values, feel valued as human beings, and have a voice in decisions that affect them.” People steer clear of companies that are designed to benefit a select few at the top.

Fred Reichheld agrees and goes a step further. As creator of the Net Promoter® and founder of Bain & Company's Loyalty practice, and in his latest book, Winning on Purpose: The Unbeatable Strategy of Loving Customers Check, Reichheld reiterates the primary purpose of any great company:

To enrich the lives of its customers, employees and shareholders and the communities they serve.  

That, to me, is the reason for running a business. (Check out our post about Winning on Purpose and an interview with Fred and his co-authors on the Helping Sells podcast with ServiceRocket's Bill Cushard.)

As a family, ServiceRocket has one primary goal: help Rocketeers learn and grow. It’s that simple. We want them to make an impact on their own lives, to provide for and lead their families and contribute to their communities, wherever they live.

Family doesn't mean we are hugs and happiness all the time. But it does go to the core of who we are and our commitment:

To provide every Rocketeer with a life experience that supports their professional growth and personal well being.

Unfortunately businesses often grow and disrupt without regard to their workers’ well being and the cost of success. This has become painfully evident of late, particularly in the gaps in support for mental health and anxiety that are growing exponentially.

When a Rocketeer isn't performing to expectations, the default thinking isn't, "Let's replace them,” as if they were a quarterback. Instead, we ask, "Are they OK?" and “How can we support them?” We go the extra mile, or more, when necessary.

I’ve personally benefited from this approach—empathy is an amazing teacher.

It’s helped change my perspective as I learn and grow. Many times, as I run the trails and cycle in the hills near my home, or swim laps around the wharf off Santa Cruz, a Rocketeer’s chat message or story will fill my mind. It motivates me to keep going. That’s pure gold. I wish Rocketeers the same experience. So much of our time and energy is devoted to work. Shouldn’t it be personally transformative?

In 2022, more than ever, we openly and unabashedly embrace that, yes, we are a family at ServiceRocket, one led by empathy and enablement.

We’re committed to living our values (see ServiceRocket's values) in how we treat each other and our customers.

Together, we will grow the tree of our success. And together, we’ll share the fruits of our efforts.

We’re committed to that mission, even if it’s not the trend.

Happy New Year.

Are you looking to join a global culture that has your back every day? Come to ServiceRocket! Rocketeers collaborate across five continents to delight our global customers. This is a great place to start your career and evolve your career growth. Enjoy extensive benefits that foster well being for you and your family. Grow financially and have your voice be heard! Join us.

Our values elevate us.

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