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ServiceRocket Is Recognized as 2023 Top Atlassian Services Company

ServiceRocket is proud to be named top Atlassian services company at the forefront of tackling customer challenges by CIO Review.

“We’re grateful to be recognized for the great work we do for Atlassian customers,” says Rob Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket, “and for our contribution in helping grow the Atlassian ecosystem. That track record is reflected in our company’s purpose: to be the single most reliable partner in the acceleration of your growth.”

The recognition represents ServiceRocket’s 20+ years of Atlassian experience, a notable benchmark highlighted in the magazine’s July 2023 issue.

With over two decades experience, ServiceRocket is well-versed in building solutions that solve critical challenges, solutions that maximize the value companies of all sizes get from their software.

The magazine profile features ServiceRocket Founder and CEO Castaneda and Chief Customer Officer Peter Marquez.

Peter Marquez and Rob Castaneda

The two leaders have a track record of driving growth at ServiceRocket. With a team of over 400 global Rocketeers across five continents, “our capabilities enable companies to fully realize the value of their Atlassian investments,” notes Castaneda.

In addition to providing four-star 24/7 support for Atlassian customers around the globe, the company prioritizes sharp, iterative engagements that address unique requirements.

That approach is the same, adds Castaneda, “whether we’re working with a new startup or with long-standing partners like Atlassian, Meta, and Salesforce.”

Twenty years on, that mission is well validated, adds CCO Marquez. “The appreciation and thanks we receive from customers confirms we’re living our mission. We're proud of the positive contributions we make to each customers' business.

"For us, customer satisfaction is the ultimate reward.”

As CIO Review notes, the company shares a deep history with Atlassian.

ServiceRocket’s connection with Atlassian began over 20 years ago. In fact the two companies were founded in Sydney, Australia at about the same time (ServiceRocket in 2001 and Atlassian in 2002).

Today, as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with Specializations in ITSM and Cloud, that partnership continues to thrive.

“We’ve delivered hundreds of Atlassian cloud implementations and migrations and we're ready to deliver successful migrations and transformations on demand,” notes Marquez.

The company’s commitment extends to sharing best practices with customers that leverage Atlassian’s Jira Service Management (JSM) platform, as well as Jira, Confluence and other Atlassian tools.

“Kudos to both Rob and Peter,” says Kharisma Moraski, VP Partner and Customer Solutions. “Under their watch, our unwavering dedication to customers, partners and Rocketeers enables ServiceRocket to drive value from Atlassian investments for a growing number of global companies across new regions.”

The two servant leaders had some fun during their CIO Review photoshoot.

“We trust one another. We’ve got each other’s backs,” says Marquez, “just as we do for Rocketeers, partners and customers.”  

CEO Castaneda #TalksStraight (one of ServiceRocket’s five values) as he reflects on the company’s mission in CIO Review.

“We don’t expect to be your only partner. But we do commit to being your most reliable partner delivering confidence and accelerating growth.”

Learn more about ServiceRocket's Top Atlassian Services Company award on CIO Review or download the PDF.

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