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ServiceRocket Welcomes Bengaluru Rocketeers

Our diversity is our strength.

From early on, it shaped ServiceRocket’s unique trajectory. As we’ve expanded across five continents, global diversity remains fundamental to our DNA.  

Now, we add our newest office in Bengaluru, India, home of ServiceRocket's Change Risk Prediction (formally Numerify) services team, part of our thriving partnership with Digital.ai.

“Our office in Bengaluru is a major milestone for us and our single biggest addition of people in our company history,” says Rob Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket.

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome these talented Rocketeers.”

    -- Rob Castaneda

With deep skills in data, analytics and QA, to name a few, the Bengaluru team has already made an invaluable contribution to the company since the ServiceRocket office opened there in November 2020.

“The seamless integration of the Bengaluru team speaks volumes about the quality of the entire team,” says JC Duarte, COO, ServiceRocket. “They immediately hit the ground running and contributed to ServiceRocket’s already vibrant humble, hungry and smart company culture.”

“I love it when truly passionate Rocketeers enable me to learn and grow."

    -- JC Duarte

Our talented Bengaluru Rocketeers will make an invaluable contribution to ServiceRocket’s growth, as they join our talented teams around the world.

They enrich our diverse Rocketeer nation, rooted in common values and our promise:

We’ve got your back.

Looking to join a dynamic team? We're hiring! ServiceRocket offers competitive benefits, including our industry-leading TechChoice program. Our Rocketeers rock! But don't take our word for it. Meet Gaurima Das, one of our talented Rocketeers in India.

Our “one global culture” just got richer.

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