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Tasty Lessons in Teamwork from The Bear

Have you seen the streaming series, The Bear?

The edgy drama  (and—warning—expletive-rich) drops us into the vat of a volatile restaurant kitchen.  

The Bear (courtesy FX)

The motley staff agrees to adopt the French brigade de cuisine to gain control. This highly-structured work system delegates specific tasks to each team member, from pâtissier (pastry chef) to tournant (spare hand).

Regardless of their standing, every member of the brigade is required to respond to the chef de cuisine with an immediate and affirmative, “Yes, chef!”

Can this highly-regulated work model translate to a company like ServiceRocket?

Absolument! The brigade model provides insight into our approach to teamwork, results that were on display at a recent Rocketeer gathering where they prepared a gourmet meal together.  

Get ready, set, cook!

A team is only as good as what it shares. The brigade de cuisine brings to mind two of ServiceRocket’s values: Think Team and Share the Knowledge.

Both require Rocketeers to stay present and open-minded. It may also require team members to occasionally put their opinions and ideas on the back burner. Yes, Chef!

Rocketeer Chris Kron, aka cuisinier (cook)

Effective communication requires clarity.  Does that mean Rocketeers can’t Talk Straight? (SR value #3). Far from it. The goal, however, is to move forward and expediently plate dinner (or, in our case, serve tasty Tech and Platform Services.)

As with culinary undertakings, timing is everything in business. We use our time wisely, choose our words carefully and sometimes say less instead of more.

Discipline is preparation for great outcomes. It takes dedication to painstakingly chop vegetables every day and skill to transform them into a five-star dish. We stay the course with Stable Confidence (one of our Ten Leadership Behaviors).

Rocketeer legumiers (vegetable chefs)

Deliberate processes create consistent results. As we Build Process to Drive Outcomes, we Delight the Customer (two more ServiceRocket values) with processes that are measured, accountable and fueled by passion.

Much like a great restaurant, we create great dishes, not just some of the time, but every time.

The Rocketeer brigade

The moral of the story…  Beneath the tough love, The Bear offers a recipe for more efficient teamwork. The ingredients: a deep trough of trust, suspension of judgment and keen focus on the task at hand.

That’s what Rocketeers do every day as part of an amazing global collective that has each other’s backs.

Order up!

Ready to work collaboratively and provide customers with great outcomes? Be part of a culture that celebrates diversity and enjoys amazing global benefits. Watch your career take off! Join us.

Cooking together

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