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Latinx Cultura is Vibrant and Alive at ServiceRocket!

Latin. Latin American. Latina. Latino. Latinx.

By any name, and wherever it lives, Latinx culture is vibrant. Represented by the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking people of the Americas, Latinx brings brio to ServiceRocket’s rich and diverse global culture.

“I love that we always take the opportunity to celebrate life! It's a valuable skill that reminds us to pause from our hard work and reap its fruits.”

    -- Isabel Quintero, Senior Technology Consultant
         Ethnicity: Mexican

The diversity of Latinx culture is fully represented at ServiceRocket.

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, El Salvador, México, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela…

Across continents and borders, in person or virtually, we celebrate each other’s unique cultural heritage. Our Rocketeer nation is inclusive and varied, much like Latinx culture itself.  

“Diversity is built into our culture and traditions, whether in food, music, religion or language. The gifts of indigenous peoples, as well as African, Arabic and European cultures are with us every day.”

         -- Peter Marquez, Chief Customer Officer
             Ethnicity: Puerto Rican

Latinx is woven into our company’s story.  

“My father is Salvadoran. He later moved to Sydney where I was born. In 1998, I visited El Salvador. Then eighteen, I vividly recall the scents, sounds and tastes of that trip. My Latin roots run deep. Those connections inspire me to this day.”

    -- Rob Castaneda, CEO
        Ethnicity: Salvadoran

Our Latinx collective brings a generosity of spirit to all they do.

And they bring their know-how to ServiceRocket and the tech industry.

“Those of us from a Latinx background know what hard work means and what is needed to achieve success. We’re able to take those learnings and apply them every day. That attitude has contributed to the rapid growth of the tech industry.”

    -- Mel Bilge, Director of Customer Success
         Ethnicity: Cuban

“The Latinx community understands what the world needs and what the tech world could really use to improve the lives of people around the globe.”

    -- Gareth Weiss, Technology Consultant
         Ethnicity: Bolivian  

“Those of us from South America are well acquainted with bureaucracy, long delays and complex processes. It made some of us understand how important technology is in improving people’s lives. We’ve also mastered the ability to drink large amounts of espressos and yerba mate while writing code!”

    -- Mario Gomes, Customer Success Manager
         Ethnicity: Brazilian

“We represent an incredibly rich and diverse collective history. When given a voice, it enriches the scope of what the tech community can do, who it can serve and its ability to be equitable and fair.”

    -- Peter Marquez

Latinx also shapes our palate, our heart and soul.  
“Favorite food? Bolivian salteñas.”
-- Gareth Weiss
“My grandmother made the best flan I've had in my life to date. And I can’t forget her ropa vieja.”
-- Mel Bilge
“Best Chilean food? As my friend, Yel, once said, it’s Peruvian food! But no, really, THE Chilean dish you gotta try is pastel de choclo, which is a perfect combination of meat and corn.”    
-- Alfonso Leiva
Ethnicity: Chilean
"I grew up listening to the Trio de San Juan and Los Panchos. This troubadour music is quintessentially Latin American.”    
-- Peter Marquez
“Farroupilha, a week-long celebration in Southern Brazil, carries a deep sense of tradition and community that’s celebrated with plenty of chimarrão.”    
-- Mario Gomes
“Mariscos hit the spot every time, but nothing beats a mojarra frita with good ol’ arroz y frijol and fresh tortillas de maiz. Yumm!”    
-- Isabel Quintero
“ When I was a kid, my grandmother made pupusas (El Salvador’s national dish) for all her grandchildren. Those weekends were my favorite. Bringing people together around a table full of flavorful dishes is one of the reasons I love to cook.”     
-- Rodrigo Luna
        Ethnicity: Salvadoran

Inclusive, knowledgeable—celebratory, delicious, soulful.


ServiceRocket’s amazing global culture makes work feel like family. Join us! We thrive on nurturing growth, sharing the fruit and having each other’s back. Work with our bilingual team in Santiago or wherever you call home. Rocketeers enjoy generous benefits including paternity leave and profit sharing. We prioritize a healthy work-life balance. Check out the latest career opportunities at ServiceRocket.

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Latinx enriches who we are.

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