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We’ve Made the Most of Life in Lockdown

As so many companies have found, a global pandemic forces you to shift. A lot. At ServiceRocket, it’s put the kibosh on our global team building weekends and shut down company picnics in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and Santiago. We were tasked with connecting across five continents (North and South America, Australia, Europe and Asia) as never before.

In response, we quickly regained our footing, made adjustments and pressed on. 

As they always do, our Rocketeers stepped up. We’ve grown stronger during COVID, both as a company and as individuals. We’re bolstered by Workplace from Facebook, where we’ve set up our Rocketeer TV, organized wellness groups and hack weeks, hosted social events and much more. Here are a few of our lockdown highlights. 

We found our cadence 
We’ve improved our operational cadence at ServiceRocket, especially in sales, finance and management. Our all-hands meetings now clock in at a crisp 60 minutes!

Now we’re applying cadence thinking (inspired by David Sacks) across the business with the Sunday Special. Our CEO Rob Castaneda explains:

“The Sunday Special is when you plan out the week ahead, get proactive with your family commitments and book in your workout and wellness times. Cancel meetings that don't need to happen. Guard your time. Some folks do some of this on Friday afternoons and complete it over the weekend. Whatever works for you. Now we enter the work week on a Monday prepared and ready.”

Wellness matters, especially during lockdown.

That's why we made it a priority
As part of ServiceRocket’s commitment to wellness and wellbeing, we invited fitness expert Leo Shveyd, owner of Advanced Wellness, to lead us in a series of interactive webinars. 

With his BETTER pyramid model, Leo educated us about the importance of daily exercise, mindful breathing and adequate sleep. “ServiceRocket is committed to supporting every Rocketeer in their wellness journey,” says Rodrigo Luna, head of Culture and Rocketeer Experience at ServiceRocket. 

In addition to our sessions with Leo, adds Luna, “we’ve shared an ideal home office set up to maintain a healthy spine, in a session lead by chiropractor Doctor Jachin Black,” as well as organizing an open group, “where Rocketeers can share their tips, workouts and wellness activities that inspire one another.”

We practiced mindfulness
At ServiceRocket, we believe that reduced anxiety is key to a healthy and productive culture. That’s why we asked renowned mental performance coach Graham Betchart to join us on Rocketeer TV. 

Betchart is known for practicing mindfulness, anytime, anywhere. In a series of discussions, Graham encouraged us to be present and aware of our emotions, no matter what’s happening around us, by practicing MVP: meditate, visualize and powerful self-talk. Graham spoke with Under the Dome about the benefits of mindfulness and leading with vulnerability.

We became architects
Uncertain times require agile thinking. They also call for new vision. Now, more than ever, our mantra is to think like an architect about our services and solutions, how we move to the cloud, collaborate with partners and each other, and how we construct our lives.  

Lockdown gave us a choice. We decided to grow.

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