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When Rocketeers Gather, Great Things Happen

What a way to kick off the New Year!

When: January 2023
Where: Our Palo Alto office
Why: Meet, eat, greet, sing, cook…

It was four jam-packed days of meetings, mind melding and more, as ServiceRocket's leaders convened for their quarterly executive workshop, joined by management teams and individual contributors from across the company.

The many thoughtful discussions left Rocketeers inspired about the year ahead.

Rocketeers, deep in thought

“This was one of the largest and most amazing sessions I’ve been in,” adds Kharisma Moraski, Vice President, Partner and Customer Solutions. “I also learned that, while I can’t sing, other Rocketeers can.”

Singing aside, everyone focused on a singular mission: how to move Rocketeers, customers and partners forward.

To the whiteboard!
Break down silos. Think cross-functionally.

It worked!

“The brainpower in the room was off-the-charts. It was so reaffirming to see all these amazing leaders thrive and easily collaborate during tough discussions,” notes Jeff Lipschultz, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition.

Peter Marquez captures key takeaways

But all work and no play isn’t how Rocketeers roll, as evidenced below.

Azwandi Aris and Rob Castaneda strike a pose as Catherine Matterson forges on
Who IS this masked Rocketeer?

While daily meetings ensued, a roving camera crew interviewed Rocketeers. Keep an eye out for new videos in 2023 (“Coming Soon!”)

Rob Castaneda prepares for his video shoot

Settling in for interviews on the couch

Amid the activity Rocketeers found time to meet with two inspiring speakers, including business owner and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member Greg Owens who engaged Rocketeers on being a better listener and mental health coach Graham Betchart.

A familiar face to many, Graham has helped Rocketeers maintain their #StableConfidence via online wellness sessions both before and during the Pandemic.  

Rocketeers in session with Graham (at far right)

“Graham is always inspiring. He lives his passion,” says Tami Avelar, Executive Program Manager. “He encourages us to do the same.”  

Yes, but what about the food?

Throughout the week Rocketeers gathered for meals both in and out of the office.

Rocketeers (Rodrigo Forest, foreground) at dinner
And lunch. From left: Wendy Wong, Azwandi Aris, Jeff Lipschultz, Yuen-Chi Lian and Peter Marquez

But the piece de resistance saw Rocketeers create a gourmet feast for one another, under the watchful eye of professional chefs.

Danielle Kirkeby preps a lot of garlic
Prepping wagyu beef
Et voila!

How do you top off such an amazing week? By raising the roof, of course! The immense dome in our main meeting space was opened to a beautiful blue sky, a welcome sight after weeks of rain.
The takeaway? The sky’s the limit!

Here’s to an uplifting start to 2023 and a great year ahead.

Looking for a fresh career opportunity in 2023? Check out ServiceRocket’s open jobs, its celebrated diversity and amazing global benefits—and watch your career take off! Join us.

There's joy in gathering.

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