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Why Will We Give Away a Guitar at Atlassian Team ‘23?

Are you ready to visit Vegas and attend Atlassian Team ‘23 ?
You’ll know you’ve arrived when…

Then get ready to leverage Atlassian’s best-in-class software.

As an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner, we’ll be there (Booth 58) to help future proof your Atlassian business-critical systems with Cloud migration, ITSM and more.

“Rocketeers will help attendees tune their Atlassian implementations,” says Peter Marquez, Chief Customer Officer, one of many guitar players at ServiceRocket (including our CEO). “We’ll help them scale and accelerate their growth.”

Puns aside, that’s not all that will happen at Team ‘23. You just might win a guitar.

A spanking brand-new Fender Stratocaster®  
A beautiful sight to behold

ServiceRocket’s Guitar Giveaway, now in its 12th year, is a ritual that many Team attendees have come to anticipate.

“Our 2018 winner entered the previous year and lost,” recalls Azwandi Aris, Executive Director, Product Management. “He nearly cried when he won.“

Raise it high!

Giving away guitars fulfills an important mission for us:

Unleash more music in the world.
Our 2019 winner said he was motivated to start playing again. Yes!
In fact our passion for music runs deep at ServiceRocket.

Rocketeers love sharing their favorite tracks and playlists in our Workplace Music at Work group, from shoegaze rock to Simon and Garfunkel. They share jam tracks and sometimes an impromptu performance, like Foo Guan Sim (Foogie), Manager, Solution Management, did on his bass.

Fender has even been known to influence our marketing.  

As for the Guitar Giveaway, it was born out of necessity, says ServiceRocket CEO Rob Castaneda.

“I was slated to give a twenty minute presentation at Atlassian Summit 2011. Frankly, that’s a lot of time to fill.”

A plan was hatched. After speaking for ten minutes, he invited longtime friend Zack Urlocker to join him on stage. The two jammed together. Cool!

Zak and Rob entertain the crowd

Their brief concert ended with the ultimate mic drop moment. “I said, ‘Come upstairs to our booth and you can win these guitars.’ It worked. And that’s how the guitar giveaway started.” (This is back when ServiceRocket was CustomWare.)

Rob, center, with our first guitar winners

Great story, right? In reality the Giveaway harkens back to an adolescent kid growing up in Sydney who sought an outlet of self expression.

“I picked up my first guitar when I was 11 years old,” says Rob. “It began a journey in learning how to express my creativity, thoughts and feelings,  without words.”

Fast forward to today. Many guitars (and a ukulele) later, our Giveaways have no doubt generated a great deal of joy at Atlassian Team, Atlassian Summit (before Team), Pulse and other events.

Whether you play air guitar or a real instrument, we hope you’ll stop by Booth 58. Our savvy Rocketeer team will answer questions about ITSM or Cloud migration and whatever else is top of mind.  

It’s also your chance to snag a guitar.
Note: Actual guitar color may vary…

Future proof your Atlassian business-critical systems. Schedule a meeting with us at Atlassian Team ‘23. You’ll be entered into our Guitar Giveaway raffle. Act now! Operators are not standing by!

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