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Women Rocketeers Inspire the Next Wave of Girls in Tech

ServiceRocket commits to the success of every Rocketeer with this promise:

To help Rocketeers learn and grow so they can have an impact on​ their careers, their families and communities.​

That commitment encompasses an important goal: to expand the number of women in tech, both at ServiceRocket and beyond; one that a dynamic group of women Rocketeers recently acted on.

From left: Rocketeers Siti Hajar Alewi, Brigitte Leong, Subatra Verriah, Joyce Teoh and Kai Fung Chong (also on the team: Nurul Hanisah Kamarul Zaman)

Their efforts resulted in an intensive one-day webinar called Introduction to Automation in Jira by ServiceRocket, which introduced the next generation of women in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to valuable new tech skills.

“Our ability to organize and run a workshop was astounding,” says Subatra Verriah, Manager, Technical Content, and workshop organizer. “Kudos to every team member who played a singular but powerful part in it.”  

In partnership with Girls In Tech Kuala Lumpur, Introduction to Automation in Jira by ServiceRocket attracted thirty-five eager participants and provided a jam-packed learning experience.

A shared passion for growing tech
“We partnered with ServiceRocket because of our shared commitment to provide career opportunities for women to be hired in the tech industry,” says Elizabete Kalnozola, Managing Director, Girls in Tech Kuala Lumpur, a global community of more than 70,000 people who are committed to supporting women in tech, where they live.

“The workshop's success stemmed from the desire of participants to learn more,” notes Elizabete, “as well as the great job that the ServiceRocket team did in sharing their knowledge.”

The workshop was a great way to demonstrate ServiceRocket values, particularly Think Team and Delight the Customer.

ServiceRocket team members acted as workshop speakers, facilitators and enthusiastic tech cheerleaders. The latter role came naturally to Subatra, whose love of tech began early in life.

“My dad first introduced me to technology. We have a shared love of gadgets! He helped me join a computer club in 1988—I got my first PC a few years later. I was hooked!”

In fact, says Subatra, the ServiceRocket team enjoyed every minute of their work with participants. “Based on their feedback, attendees seemed to have had a ball too.”

“You certainly know how to get us engaged!”

  – Workshop participant

Attendees came away from Introduction to Automation in Jira with a sense of accomplishment and knowledge of Jira automation and basic JQL.  

The need for a welcoming space
Beyond the chance to learn, Elizabete sees such events as serving another important purpose. “They’re also about raising awareness that there is a safe and welcoming space for women to be in tech.”

Inclusion plays a big role for women who are considering a career in tech.  

“It’s still a male dominated space,” she notes. “Therefore women face the issue of not feeling confident to enter it.”

How many women are applying their skills in tech? In 2021, women represented 35% of the tech workforce in Malaysia, according to Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC); Deloitte Global predicts that, on average, large global technology firms will reach nearly 33% overall female representation in their workforces in 2022.

A career move into tech
The aim of many of the workshop’s participants is to transfer their skills into tech, a field that, as Rocketeer Cheryl Lim noted, provides a wide range of job opportunities. Attendee backgrounds included data science and marketing.

That’s also the experience of Rocketeers who led the workshop.    

“I studied to be a pharmacist,” recalls Brigitte Leong, Senior Engineer. “After attending a programming bootcamp, I realized I could apply my analytical skills in tech. I like to say we translate vision into reality with functional programs.”  

“My backstory to entering the tech world is similar to Brigitte,” notes Nurul Hanisah Kamarul Zaman, Senior Engineer, Software Engineering. After studying economics, she attended a programming bootcamp. “I landed my first job as a web programmer prior to joining ServiceRocket as a software engineer. Now I collaborate with product managers and other engineers to create meaningful product features for users.”

“Originally my background was in account management/sales,” notes Joyce Teoh, Senior Analyst, Product Management. “Transitioning to product management gave me the opportunity to create scalable solutions that solve real problems.”

Finding a company that truly supports career development is key.

That was the case for Rocketeer Siti Hajar Alewi, Associate Engineer, Customer Support. “As an intern, I learned a lot at ServiceRocket. The learning has continued as a support engineer. I became CSP-certified within just a few months! Rocketeers have been incredibly supportive.”

Over time, that level of support can lead to unexpected opportunities.  

“I’ve developed an amazing career in tech at ServiceRocket, '' says Kai Fung Chong, Lead, Software Engineering. “Early on, I was mostly focused on my tech expertise. Today I’m managing a team of ten engineers and enabling heroes every day!”

So, where do women in tech go from here?

“There is always room for improvement,” notes Elizabete, “but it's great to see interest from women and support from companies. This event showed me the supportive environment that ServiceRocket has established.”

She looks forward to collaborating with Rocketeers on future events that will help open the door to great tech opportunities for more women.  

Ready to make the leap to a career in tech? Want to expand your tech career in new and exciting ways? ServiceRocket’s inclusive global culture enables every Rocketeer to enjoy great benefits as they grow their career. But don’t just take our word for it—meet some of ServiceRocket’s awesome engineers in the video below. Join us!

Tech needs more women!

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