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December 4, 2023
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Discovery: A Proven Path to Uncover Cloud Migration Roadblocks

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A member of our solution architect team recently shared an honest take on the cloud migration process:

“Moving to the cloud requires a great deal of effort—from customers, administrators, and ultimately, users.” 

With our deep expertise and migration experience, companies successfully migrate to the cloud with confidence. With the right plan in place, it’s often a quick process. 

“We've done hundreds of Atlassian discovery engagements,” notes Peter Marquez, CCO, ServiceRocket. “While each is different, we've developed an effective approach that is both efficient and informed. We know where to look, often delivering exciting results that delight clients.” 

The goal of many customers is an effective and prompt migration. The crucial first step is the discovery process, an “under the hood” review.  

Discovery: Lab Work for your Cloud Migration 

Before a medical procedure, a doctor orders lab work and X-rays to assess how things are and identify issues. A similar approach applies to cloud migration.   

Discovery acts as a diagnostic that uncovers crucial insights into current configurations. 

It happens before migration begins and provides evidence of legacy configurations that may present a future risk or simply don’t comply with best practices. It can sometimes reveal the unexpected.

“We’ve uncovered ten-year-old workflows developed to support business by people who no longer work there,” recalls Miguel Ramon, Consultant, Solution Architecture.

Once the data is gathered and analyzed, the results are often just as surprising.   

“A customer recently told us, ‘We were unaware of the risks and threats we have,’” says Miguel.  “While that can be a bit shocking, it speaks to the need for a third-party review prior to migration.”  

This simple protocol resulted from an open discovery process between ServiceRocket and Personalis, a California-based company focused on actively managing cancer through personalized testing.

“We ask a lot of questions,” adds Miguel. “An open dialogue gives everyone a better understanding of how the customer is utilizing Atlassian Products and a quantifiable state of their data’s health.” 

The results of a discovery assessment inform subsequent recommendations and next steps in the cloud migration process. 

Uncover Customized Configurations

Beyond legacy configurations, discovery can locate crucial issues with customized configurations in Jira and Confluence. 

As our recent Cloud white paper points out, server users often customize their implementations to extend Atlassian functionality; they can also create migration problems to an environment outside a company’s control.

That’s when our team takes action.

“During a discovery assessment with a client, we recently built a template for Jira Cloud Migration to review different aspects of the system or configurations on the instance,” recalls Gonzalo Riquelme, Manager, Customer Support. “We can rate the issues identified as critical threats or opportunities. These included different levels of impact: critical, threat and opportunities.”

The template provides a grade on important system characteristics per aspect (A, B, C or D) so the client knows how the instance performs and how best to migrate it on the aspect.

“We created an estimated time for solving the different aspects and included an assessment for the plugins installed on the instance,” adds David Freitez, Senior Engineer, Customer Support. “That enabled us to provide suggestions on configuration where applicable.” 

The client was amazed and happy with the report. But the discovery didn’t stop there. 

“It also provided a list of filters configured as public, creating a security hazard. That would have been difficult to catch without an assessment since no one was monitoring these configurations.”

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