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June 22, 2020
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Benefits of Atlassian Cloud vs Server (on-premise) Solutions

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This blog was originally written by Belinda Tee on June 22, 2020 and updated on August 27, 2021.

Atlassian Cloud refers to: Jira, Confluence and Jira Service Management
Cloud computing gives businesses a secure way to access information via the Internet and does not require a private network like VPN.  While VPNs have protected businesses for a long time, cloud computing is changing how teams can stay connected and work together by increasing productivity and reducing associated costs.

Given the added benefits in efficiency and cost savings, cloud is no longer a competitive differentiator, but rather a new foundational requirement for long-term success. Here are the top four benefits of Atlassian cloud vs. server.

AL FY22Q1 Benefits of Atlassian Cloud vs Server 1

Increase the Capacity of Internal IT Teams

A fundamental difference between the Atlassian Cloud and Server implementations - and one of cloud’s biggest benefits - is that cloud-based systems eliminate the costs of purchasing hardware and addressing administrative and infrastructure issues. This increases the capacity of internal IT teams by allowing them to focus on higher-value strategic issues, and potentially decreases the costs of IT personnel.

Load Flexibility

Cloud services allow the user to take advantage of adaptability and reliability, two things that many companies cannot easily do internally. In cloud, Atlassian handles the procurement of inventory and storage space. Atlassian allows businesses with fluctuating needs and demands to scale when necessary.

Easy Accessibility & Collaboration

Atlassian’s cloud solutions can be securely accessed from any browser or mobile app. This gives employees the freedom to work on the go and access information anywhere with internet connection. A strong differentiator between the cloud and server is that the cloud enables real-time collaboration and easy file sharing, automatically syncing and saving documents regardless of the file size.

AL FY22Q1 The Unmatchable ROI of Atlassian Cloud CTA


A new standard for cloud products is maintaining state-of-the-art security to protect stored information. Not only is it a secure backup and data recovery solution, cloud services are continuously updated to defend against sophisticated threats (botnets, ransomware attacks, and malicious websites), easing the burden from the end-user. Atlassian provides real-time security updates to keep its customers secure and compliant and enables tracking insights.

Harness the Benefits of Cloud. Start Planning Now

Reliable on-premise solutions can be costly and requires ongoing maintenance and support from IT professionals. Cloud services such as Atlassian's Jira, Confluence and Jira Service Management relieve IT teams and organizations of this additional work while providing state-of-the-art security and introducing new opportunities for employee collaborations and productivity.

AL FY22Q1 Benefits of Atlassian Cloud vs Server 2

Choose a Partner with Deep Atlassian Expertise

At ServiceRocket, we help you accelerate your transformation and get the most out of your Atlassian software implementations.  We partner with you every step of the way including tailoring Jira, Confluence, Jira Service Management to meet your specific needs, providing training and advanced support to internal administrators, building apps that extend Atlassian products, and helping you migrate your on-premise implementations to cloud.

For more information or a chat, contact us at or visit ServiceRocket's  Atlassian Cloud Knowledge Hub.

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