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February 24, 2022
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Effective Leadership Is All About Communicating Effectively

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Communication is central to almost everything we do, and yet many of us communicate on auto pilot. Leaders with demanding schedules often fall into the habit of using tools without fully understanding the best way to use them and, in doing so, perpetuate huge daily time drains on their team members. An example that instantly comes to mind is communicating via email. Everyone from the CEO to the frontline employee is dealing with the constant influx of messages.  As CEO, you count on your employees to receive and read your message then act accordingly. But as these stats show, email is an ineffective communication tool. 

The communication problem doesn’t just lie with our tools. Effective communication requires structure: segmented messages to specific audiences, targeted channels and the ability to differentiate between urgent, must-see comms and ones that are not time sensitive.

New workstream collaboration platforms like Workplace from Meta offer CEOs and company leaders communication channels that enable them to get the right message to the right people (or teams) at the right time - even in real time. To be nimble to maintain their competitive advantage, company leaders have turned to these platforms to keep teams informed, engaged and aligned around strategic goals. 

The Pricey Cost of Poor Business Communications

One of the biggest communications challenges facing CEOs today is maintaining strategic alignment. To secure strategic alignment across your stakeholders, intentional and consistent communication is essential. For CEOs, that means knowing the right message to deliver to stakeholders -- at the right cadence. That’s no easy task, especially when you add the complexity of a hybrid workforce.

When communicating with employees, CEOs are competing with the noise of social media and always-on collaboration tools. To prevent tech overload, the C-suite needs to invest in workstream collaboration platforms like Workplace from Meta that become a system of record for communications and help them personalize and automate their communications. These platforms provide the relevant messages at the right time and place, especially to the hyperconnected and frontline staff.

Maximize Connectivity through Workplace Communication

Communication channels enable us to be constantly connected to each other. Within reason, you can get a hold of just about anyone at any time. Connectivity requires high-performing platforms to facilitate idea sharing and conversations. Maximizing connectivity is one of the primary goals of successful workstream collaboration paltforms like Workplace from Meta.

Workers have spoken and want more flexible and efficient communication styles. Learning to balance synchronous and asynchronous communication should be simple for teams of all sizes with new tools. With a workstream collaboration platform like Workplace from Meta, you reap the benefits of a fully connected workforce.

  • Synchronous/Asynchronous communication
    Companies are waking up to the current problems with distributed work and see the need for more flexible solutions. In the new way of working, we need to transition to asynchronous work. With Workplace from Meta, record meetings for others to watch later, allowing everyone to benefit regardless of where they are located. 
  • Live streaming
    With Workplace Live Streaming,ServiceRocket has a communications system that promotes dialog, rather than monologue, and encourages employees to become active participants in the communication process.
  • Video
    Live streaming video is a great way to report (in a positive way) on people and events around the company. Many things that merit attention are best appreciated by video.
    Live Video
    Can be used to broadcast a video message to specific groups or your entire company at once. Team members can comment on videos with questions and engage directly with the presenter. The video lives on Workplace's servers so anyone who missed the live version can watch it later.
  • Groups and Posts
    Leaders can easily share and pass down tacit knowledge that can be shared easily between team members and shared with new employees in groups. Posts within groups can include text, images, videos, or documents saving everyone time as a single source of information on that project or initiative.
  • Chats
    Chat lets the team send text, files, images, video messages, audio clips, etc. to anyone within the company. Chat is an ideal way for teams to communicate about projects and keep everyone informed.

Workplace from Meta is the Workstream Collaboration Platform for the Future of Work

As CEOs know, timing is everything.  Workforce communication is no exception. To ensure their message transcends to the right people at the right time requires a platform that allows for optimal collaboration, innovation, communication and engagement. Workplace from Meta allows CEOs to effectively communicate their vision and mission with the rest of the company, creating strategic alignment and a unified more inspired workforce. At a time where multiple workplace tools demand employee attention, Workplace from Meta cuts through the noise and offers a streamlined way to reach your workforce in the future of work. 

Foster employee collaboration, innovation and productivity through Workplace from Meta by partnering with us.

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