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April 24, 2020
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Embracing the Change at Scale With Atlassian Data Center

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If your business is planning on increasing its IT budget this year, you’re not alone.

According to the 2020 State of IT, companies are forecasting an increase in their IT budgets by more than 18% on average. And 29% of it will be dedicated to software adoption.

The numbers send a clear message to businesses of all sizes: investing in data centers and infrastructure is investing in the future. Those who do not risk being left behind by tech-savvy competitors with IT systems that are more flexible, scalable and offer better performance with high availability.

This is in part why, over the last few years, Atlassian has greatly invested in its Data Center program, designed to facilitate adoption by its enterprise clients. Here are a few key benefits of this program, and how it aims to provide a framework of adoption for larger organizations.

Performance and innovation at scale

The first clear advantage of Atlassian Data Center is its high performance, making it ideal for large-scale mission-critical deployments. One Data Center instance can handle many more users than one on Server, and the auto scaling feature means your company is only using the resources it needs at the time.

This ability to leverage the full power of all the right applications at the right time is what gives Data Center users the upper hand when it comes to:

  • Making teamwork faster and more effective
  • Reducing data silos
  • Maintaining performance across distributed teams
  • Accelerating new team members’ onboarding

In short: a more robust performance that fosters innovation at scale, and with zero downtime.

Technology that helps you focus on what matters

The best tech is the one that makes itself invisible. So why do so many enterprises spend such huge amounts of time and effort worrying about how their infrastructure is going to keep up with their growth?

The peace of mind that comes from Atlassian’s Data Center tools is what enables companies to focus on scaling, while forgetting about updates, upgrades, and constantly manually managing resources.

Moreover, Atlassian has a number of tools that support scaling by allowing you to administer a growing infrastructure, such as:

  • Project Archiving - which declutters your instance so team members can access data faster
  • Custom fields optimization - which lets you scan your instance for performance-hindering indexes
  • Node sizing documentation - one of the numerous resources at your admin’s disposal to monitor how the infrastructure grows
ServiceRocket Atlassian Software Adoption Scale

Growing beyond the Atlassian ecosystem

Atlassian’s Data Center is designed with flexibility in mind. Enterprise clients have a number of different requirements, which is why editions of Atlassian products can be deployed behind company firewalls on technologies like VMWare, bare metal or IaaS vendors such as Azure and AWS.

But what will undoubtedly help the most is the ability to create a homogenous platform that scales all the other tools within the organization at the same pace and with the same amount of precision.

ServiceRocket Atlassian Software Adoption Scale

This is precisely why Atlassian and its partners have invested massively in providing robust apps that help organizations scale in a uniform fashion and, beyond just their own platforms - all so you can integrate with third-party apps that are purpose-built for your needs. These include all the Data Center products for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and others you can find on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Moreover, aside from workflow tools, automation and other analytics add-ons, you will also find apps designed to connect Atlassian to other ecosystems already in use across your organization, such as Salesforce, the core of many organizations’ source of customer information.

Harnessing the Best of Salesforce and Atlassian

A great example of seamless integration between multiple business systems is the one offered by our Classic Connector for Salesforce and Jira. With the connector you can integrate these two powerful applications by:

  • Creating Salesforce objects from Jira and vice versa
  • Automating synchronization
  • Synchronizing attachments, comments, and more
  • Optimized caching system, designed for Data Center environment

ServiceRocket Atlassian Software Adoption Scale

Click below to start improving your team with our Classic Connector.

At ServiceRocket, We’ve got your back

The beauty of Atlassian’s Data Center apps is that they allow you to bridge systems to give your business complete control over its processes.

Best of all, as it’s offered by an Atlassian Top Vendor, you will, of course, benefit from outstanding support, implementation services, updates, and documentation to ensure the integration is as seamless and stable as possible.

We are ready to help your enterprise scale and innovate with seamless integrations.

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