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Alignment & Engagement
May 13, 2022
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How to Increase Alignment as a CHRO - It Starts with Engagement

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Businesses don’t create value, people do. Today’s Chief Human Resource Officers (CHRO) are responsible not only for attracting and retaining employees, but ensuring they are  engaged to drive strategic alignment with the organization's long term purpose and goals. Attracting, engaging and retaining top talent is a top priority for CHROs across every industry. When you add the right people to your organization and implement strategies to get them engaged, the benefits to the company’s bottom line are astounding.

Why? Engaged employees are more committed to your company strategy which increases productivity and drives innovation.

These are the impacts of engaged employees according to a Gallup study:

So the question remains, how does a CHRO help drive employee engagement in a dispersed, hybrid workplace shaped in the aftermath of a pandemic?

Connect and Align a Dispersed Workforce to Increase Engagement

As the physical gap has widened between employees and their offices, more organizations are downsizing their real estate with successful companies reallocating these funds towards other top priorities, like initiatives to increase employee engagement. With a workstream collaboration platform like Workplace from Meta, geography and accessibility to company tech systems are no longer barriers and allow engagement initiatives to soar. It’s no wonder that increased employee engagement and satisfaction when working remotely are widely reported.

Despite the benefits of such flexibility, CHROs are increasingly looking for ways to connect, engage, and boost productivity of their workforces, while increasing efficiency. 

However, a disconnect exists between business processes and the communication tools used. After decades of building business software to help “run the business,” CHRO’s are still seeking an easier, faster way to get work done. What do they do? Employees tend to leave the core business systems and start using email or phone. Engaging dispersed workforces might require upgrading to a digital, mobile-first collaboration platform, like Workplace from Meta, that comes chock full of tools and features to help unite sometimes disconnected or disengaged workers.

Connectivity as the Key to Culture

A 2021 study found that almost half of remote workers felt isolated and reported finding it harder to build relationships with colleagues.  Organizations have been quick to recognize that connectivity is vital, particularly across dispersed workforces, which requires innovative solutions to replace traditional offerings, such as team building days and catch-ups.  

Connectivity is a key factor in ensuring that company culture is aligned and embedded across dispersed teams and geographical locations and can significantly mitigate feelings of isolation, facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice and increase employee engagement.

The key to connectivity and alignment in the new world of work is effective communication. Implementing the right digital platform to drive communication and collaboration is essential to empower and nurture valuable talent. When used well, an effective platform embedded into a company’s digital culture, will keep workers connected, engaged and informed wherever they are based. Workplace from Meta can do just that.

Dispersed employees often lack the opportunities for collaboration that those in a physical environment might enjoy. While video calls and the ability to share screens can definitely bridge the gap, intuitive, digital collaboration platforms are the key to unlocking conversations and driving productivity across distributed teams.

Organizations are now looking for solutions that will enable them to respond quickly to changing business conditions. Resilience, flexibility, and connectivity must be addressed as essential business priorities as companies face an increase in hybrid and dispersed working models.

The Employee Engagement and Culture Connection:
Non-Negotiables for the CHRO

When asked about their top business concerns, 81% of CHROs selected “maintaining culture and engagement.” Employee engagement is a direct outcome of a high-performance company culture. High-performance cultures typically outline behaviours and norms that are healthy and supportive. The expectations and understanding of the company’s culture are made clear to the employee. In turn, employees feel connected, supported and involved. And, they feel engaged. To improve employee engagement, a good place to start would be to look at your company culture.

On the other hand, disengaged employees can affect both the workplace environment and the business. Disengaged employees - negatively impact the bottom line, set back overall productivity and profit margin, and increase employee turnover rate.

Workplace from Meta is the Secret Sauce to Employee Engagement. Here’s How to Use it

Workplace from Meta is an amazing way to engage employees and build a sense of community across time zones, no matter where staff is located. It’s the perfect tool to capture employee sentiments, share upcoming announcements, give kudos to employees who go above and beyond and create social groups that help employees get to know each other better.Workplace from Meta helps CHROs focus on instant, real-time communication within teams and across the organization. 

Workplace from Meta is the #workstreamcollaborationplatform with tools and features to help the CHRO keep up with positive engagement and help cultivate a healthy culture, helping drive strategic alignment. Here are some features worth checking out.

Live Stream 

In today’s hybrid working world, companies need the tools to reach everyone in the organization, no matter where employees are, with communications that are personal, engaging, and accessible. With Live Stream video in Workplace, broadcast anything, from company announcements to panel discussions with executives or external guests.

Live Stream to a WorkPlace Group

The Live Stream feature takes it a step further on Workplace by always being available through the Group. If it’s 2 am in an office, employees can watch during work hours. Questions and ideas about the content can be captured for everyone to see and share with timestamp comments or questions. As a dispersed workforce, ServiceRocket enjoys this feature to keep employees in the loop in a way that fits their schedules.

Gather Insights and Real-Time Feedback with Polls

Polls are a great way to gather insights and it is a great way for executives to interact with employees and build relationships. Engage employees where they are and get real-time feedback through Polls.


Groups enable the sharing of ideas across teams - whether to communicate with the right people or collaborate on projects, everything on Workplace starts with a Group. Groups also provide private spaces to discuss projects, manage information, and securely share documents with colleagues or clients.

Workplace is Where Work gets Done

So to answer the question, how does a CHRO help drive employee engagement in a dispersed, hybrid workplace shaped in the aftermath of  pandemic?  The answer lies within utilizing the correct platform, tools and features in the new #futureofwork. Let Workplace from Meta be the #workstreamcollaborationplatform that enables employees to do what they do best at work.  Workplace from Meta not only helps attract and retain employees, it also helps increase engagement and productivity to drive strategic alignment with the organization’s long term purpose and goals.

Foster employee collaboration, innovation and productivity through Workplace from Meta by partnering with us.

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