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December 9, 2013
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Jira Fundamentals: JIRA Filters are the New To-Do Lists

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One reason I love using Atlassian Jira is that I can create my tasks as issues and work collaboratively with many others. The best part is that my tasks now rarely fall through the cracks. “How is this possible?” you ask?


Once I learned how to effectively set up and use Filters in Jira, keeping track of my work has become so much easier. In fact, Jira Filters is changing the way I work entirely. For example, when I get an idea or think of something I want to start working on, I enter it in JIRA. Even if I just think I want to do it, I put it in JIRA. OK, not always. But the point is, I have a long list of tasks in Jira that never go away.

This is a good thing and a bad thing, of course.

The good thing is that I can create a complete collection of ideas and tasks that I can always find easily. The bad thing is that the list can grow fast and get so long that it can become overwhelming. You know the problem, your “To Do” list grows faster than your ability to check things off of the list.

Filters to the Rescue

So how do I solve this problem? By creating good Filters in Jira and scrolling through my Filters every day. This helps me plan my work day and focus on important issues.  Setting up Filters is technically quite easy. The hard part is changing my work routine so that my “To-Do” list is created from my list of open issues in JIRA.

Although technically quite easy, there are a few things to learn. If you have less than seven minutes, I will show you how I stay on top of my work using Filters in JIRA. Just watch the Tech Tutorial below to learn how to use Jira Filters to change the way you manage your list of tasks, so things don’t fall through the cracks.

More to Jira than Filters

If you liked this Tech Tutorial, you will love our other training courses. You can learn how to set up Filters and just about everything else about using Jira effectively by taking our JIRA Fundamentals training courses. You can choose from live training to self-paced eLearning to suit your busy schedule and learning style. Learn more about our training solutions here!

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