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March 4, 2020
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Nextgen GA: The New Connector Has Arrived

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It's finally here! We are incredibly proud to announce that our new Connector for Salesforce and Jira (Server) as you may know it by NextGen connector is finally available for general use.

Connector for Salesforce and Jira

The release of our Connector for Jira Cloud back in 2015, was an exhilarating experience for us. Migrating the customers from a legacy app for over a year and then getting to where we are now having 800+ active customers who use our connector at the heart of their mission-critical businesses. Over the years, we have started getting more interest from our customers to bring the same smooth and robust experience to the Jira Server environment.

After about 2 years in development and about 6 months of collecting feedback and improvements with the help of our early adopters in the Beta program, we are confident that our app is up to your standards.

Without further ado, please join us in welcoming the Connector for Salesforce & Jira Server!


What does this (GA) General Availability mean?

At ServiceRocket quality of our products is of the uttermost importance, that is why we have made sure that the new Connector for Salesforce & Jira not only passed the partners’ marketplace and security requirements but also it adheres to our internal standards of quality and security. The following are some of the highlighted areas that our team has focused on delivering with the GA version.

Connector for Salesforce and Jira

Salesforce Package has passed Security Review

The security review is an initiative by Salesforce to ensure that AppExchange's apps that are offered publicly to Salesforce customers pass the security, vulnerability and quality standards of Salesforce.

We are now GDPR compliant

Atlassian introduced GDPR compliant experience back in May 2018 and as part of their ecosystem compliance, all paid apps that are offered by vendors on the Atlassian Marketplace have to make sure that they are compliant with EU’s GDPR laws.

* Note: the GDPR changes introduce breaking changes for some of our existing early access customers who use user-fields (Reporter, Assignee, ...) mapping. Please read more here to find out if you are affected by this.

Caching pipeline to reduce the API calls to Salesforce

Depending on the type of Salesforce edition that your organization is using, you have certain daily limitations on the total API requests for your business. Using a proper caching pipeline ensures that our Connector only makes API calls from Jira to Salesforce when it is required. This also helps with faster responses and a smoother experience.

How does this release affect customers who are using the Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira?

We still keep maintaining and providing value for our customers that are a fan of the Classic Connector, as you might know, we recently have provided the Data Center compatibility for this app.

We don't have any plans to retire the Classic Connector any time soon and we will keep updating and delivering bug fixes/improvements and compatibility for the foreseeable future. Any plans to discontinue the product will be announced ahead of time to all of our existing customers. We want to make sure existing customers like you are not disrupted and will have sufficient time and planning to migrate to the New Connector.

We will start sharing timelines when the migration tool is ready for use. And to help with this transition our team is committed to providing the following:

  • Functional parity (as opposed to feature-parity)
  • Migration tool
  • Data Center program

To find out more about the differences between the Classic Connector and the New Connector and any additional questions please refer to our FAQ page.

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