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March 28, 2023
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Scale with the Right Technology and Increase Productivity with Tech-Enabled Support Services

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When customers encounter a roadblock, providing support resources at the right time and in the right format is crucial to keep businesses moving forward. But how do you do this?

In this webinar, Adam May, Vice President, Services at ServiceRocket and Ravi Bulusu, CTO and Co-Founder of TheLoops, share their insights on how teams can deliver on this promise through the use of tech-enabled services.

Read on to get the highlights, or catch the recording below.

What’s the Difference Between Tech Support and Tech-Enabled Support?

Tech support is the act of assisting customers with issues revolving around hardware or software products. This type of support is often seen as a cost center, meaning it doesn’t contribute to the company's financial success—it detracts from it.

Tech-enabled support, on the other hand, aligns human talent, processes and tech resources to build smoother workflows and minimize friction, enabling customers to get the best experience every time. This method of support can lead to increased revenue and business growth.

What are the Benefits of Tech-Enabled Support?

Company Benefits

Companies that embrace tech-enabled support can scale quickly, delight customers, reduce churn and increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Customer Benefits

Customers receive a one-stop-shop communications channel where they only need to connect with one agent to resolve their issues, offering them faster resolution times.

Support Team Benefits

Support teams get access to a singular, easy-to-use support platform that allows them to better understand their customer's needs by using tools to prioritize and resolve issues more efficiently.

How ServiceRocket and TheLoops Can Help You

With ServiceRocket, you get a partner committed to being the most reliable partner in accelerating your growth. With TheLoops, you get an AI-driven customer success and retention platform that contextualizes data across systems, drives insights from that data and takes action on those insights to increase operational efficiency.

When it comes to tech-enabled services, ServiceRocket and TheLoops have your back. Together we provide a reactive, proactive and preventative approach to tech-enabled support that creates value in support instead of just a cost center.

Want more insights? Watch the webinar recording now:

Learn more about ServiceRocket's tech-enabled support services.

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