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December 6, 2022
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Ultimate Guide to ServiceRocket Apps for JSM

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Jira Service Management (JSM) unlocks IT at high velocity. Rapidly bringing together development, IT operations and business teams to deliver, operate and support exceptional service experiences. While JSM provides an easy to use and adaptable platform for all teams, from IT to HR, Facilities, Legal, and beyond to manage, route, and triage work, the Atlassian Marketplace offers over 1,000 trusted applications and integrations to ensure the platform can be customized to fit your use case.

ServiceRocket is committed to building apps and connectors that extend and integrate JSM into your environment, helping you get work done by reducing silos, increasing collaboration and delivering results. We deliver powerful yet simple-to-use apps, with the best customer support in the Atlassian ecosystem, every day. 

Follow this guide to learn how to supercharge your Jira Service Management to fit your team’s needs with ServiceRocket apps for JSM.

Our JSM Apps

Connector for Salesforce & Jira

Built to adapt to your business processes, Connector for Salesforce & Jira aligns teams around a single source of truth by streamlining cross-functional workflows.

Key features:

  • Accurate, complete up-to-date data with auto synchronization, aggregated comments, and many-to-many associations that ensure that all issues are up-to-date, consolidated and easily viewable for better decision making and service delivery.
  • Create Jira issues from Salesforce and vice-versa without leaving the platform you use the most. Decrease unproductive context-switching, reduce error-prone manual entry, remove complexity and improve productivity.
  • With easy implementation and unmatched UI, users are often up and running in as little as an hour. Faster access to accurate, real-time account information improves customer conversion, fulfillment and success.
  • Cloud Fortified

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Learn more about Marketplace trust programs here

Surveys for JSM

Surveys for JSM is a seamless, customizable integration that simplifies and improves the process of collecting, measuring and reviewing customer feedback. Customizable survey questions and languages ensure a better customer experience resulting in higher volume, better quality responses for your NPS, CSat, and CES.

Key features:

  • Capture and manage customer feedback within JSM by automating NPS, CSat, and CES survey questions
  • Track performance & customer satisfaction trends with automated reporting
  • Align your surveys to your brand by including your company’s logo and colors

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Contact Views for Salesforce & JSM

When your customers succeed, your team excels and your business thrives. Exceed customer expectations by keeping your Salesforce and JSM teams connected. Reduce silos, increase collaboration and deliver results. 

Key features:

  • Personalize your customer service by providing your support team with better customer information and insights within JSM
  • Reduce manual tasks and improve productivity by reducing context switching
  • Security you can trust

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Connector for Workplace and Jira

Instantly combine Workplace’s sharing of ideas and consensus building with the project execution power of Jira Service Management, using automatic issue tracking in Workplace Chat.

Key Features:

  • Centralize conversations to keep teams aligned by automatically creating a dedicated chat around a single issue and  improve user engagement in both platforms.
  • Display key Jira information in Workplace Chat and keep important context in view and accessible without leaving Workplace. 
  • Maintain privacy & permissions in both systems

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Apps in Beta

ServiceRocket continues to work on building new Marketplace applications to enhance the capabilities of Atlassian products. Sign up to take advantage of the new portfolio of apps to help us improve collaboration and productivity for your business - it’s free!

Support Dashboards and Reports for JSM

Key Features:

  • Easily keep track of important metrics with 5 built-in customer-centric reports that provide insights into your team’s performance
  • Access, surface and share the right data. Live reports provide more accurate, complete, and real-time data and customizable dashboards allow you to view and share information effortlessly
  • Improve your team’s efficiencies and planning with easy-to-set-up reports that pull data from different sources within Jira/JSM. Free up time to focus on your customers, and improve team performance by better predicting workloads. 

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Sentiment Analysis for JSM

Key Features:

  • Empower your support teams with an AI enabled tool that captures and visualizes customer sentiment within JSM tickets
  • Improve productivity by identifying and prioritizing issues with comprehensive sentiment reports and dashboards
  • Better understand customer satisfaction in real-time

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Connector for Venafi & JSM

Key Features:

  • Ensure compliance and ensure the correct information is captured to generate the certificate as DevOps can configure their automation and tooling pipeline to consume certificates using the preset Venafi policies
  • Improve productivity and reduce context switching by directly downloading certificates from JSM, protected by JSM permission settings
  • Scale InfoSec with automated certificate management by providing a self-service way for teams to create, renew or revoke certificates without manual effort or context switching and using JSM automation rules to configure workflows.

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As Atlassian’s first partner, we fully support Atlassian's mission to unleash the power of every team. Robust team collaboration is the foundation for achieving the best possible business outcome. That's why we not only build apps to scale Atlassian products, we also helped Atlassian build their ecosystem - which is now the gold standard for designing an ecosystem and partnering with developers to extend platform value for customers.

People love powerful, yet simple-to-use products that get the job done. We love building them.
We've got your back.

ServiceRocket delivers powerful, yet simple-to-use apps with the best customer support in the Atlassian ecosystem. Every day.

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