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A Journey Shaped by Technology, Driven by Empathy

By Rob Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket

“Wake up, get your shirt on and let’s go.”

I remember the first day I ever worked. It was a frosty morning. The car was already warming up, engine chugging. Steam from the exhaust filled the front yard.

Saturday mornings my dad would take me to the loading dock at IKEA. I’d help him wash his truck. It took me an hour and a half—I got $5.

He created that job for me. It taught me to get up early, work hard and contribute. He even made me wear his old work shirt. That led to my own job working in the warehouse. When I could wear the same shirt as my dad, but it was my own, I knew I had made it. I felt alive and connected.

That same energy continues to compel me these 20+ years at ServiceRocket.

Technology shaped my career. I started at the helpdesk of Borland software, supporting dBASE, Paradox, C++ and Delphi, among other products. In those days, customer support was done on the phone. Helping someone with coding or technical questions in real time was exciting and daunting.

I soon learned that the goal wasn’t to be an encyclopedia of answers.

The goal was to show empathy—to be accurate and understanding of the issue at hand—and build a solution by tapping a collective knowledge.

I freely shared knowledge with customers as I learned from others. Those interactions became the basis of ServiceRocket.

Fast forward 20+ years. Our Rocket continues to move up and to the right.

And while technology has changed, the important things haven’t:

Training and Support remain the pillars for any successful system adoption

Empathy and a relentless focus on customer delight (one of ServiceRocket’s five values) is essential

Diversity of thinking and experience provides the best input for problem-solving

Thoughtful guidance enables people to learn technology quickly and adapt

An anxiety-free environment allows people to do their best work and to learn, grow and adapt with ease

Providing opportunities for people to learn and grow their careers has a lasting impact on their families and community

Paying it forward is a robust investment strategy

Here’s to the next 20+ years.

ServiceRocket is committed to nurturing a diverse, safe and equitable culture around the world. Our purpose is the same for Rocketeers as it is for customers and partners: to be the single most reliable partner in the acceleration of their growth.

Join us.

Great values last.

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