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A Roadmap to Growth for Fast-Growing Companies

Is your company positioned for the next challenge? Prepared to cross the chasm?

Exciting as it is, the prospect of growth can feel wobbly and uncertain without a map.

At ServiceRocket, we’ve found maturity models enable our customers to plot their future and get to the next level, whether they’re converting a customer training program into a learning business or building an ecosystem. One of our favorite maturity models is explained in Geoffrey Moore’s influential book, Crossing the Chasm, now in its 3rd edition. It provides a foundation to much of what we do and how we see the industry.

The maturity model reveals the road ahead for your organization’s improvement and growth. 

This classic use case from the Project Management Institute takes it a step further, pointing out that the model is a powerful way to motivate change, “a measuring stick, an indicator of progress. [It] can help identify weaknesses, but not fix them.” 

The key is to choose a maturity model specifically suited to your particular industry or function. 

Capturing the right maturity model
Thought leaders in many domains have modified the basic maturity model to meet their specific field's needs. Of course, you can also establish your own. But it most often starts with selecting a model that meets your company’s needs. This is where ServiceRocket can begin to contribute to your maturity journey.

We’ve customized the maturity model to effectively map growth in the areas of: 

Through these customizations, we’ve enabled businesses to flourish and mature these functions into a truly competitive advantage. Regardless of their affiliation with us, many companies have found these insights to be valuable resources.

At its core, the maturity model requires two basic capabilities:

Recognize where you are (your current state)

Chart where you need to go (your future state)

The good news? Maturity doesn’t have an end date. The model affords a view into your company’s readiness to move forward, no matter its age or size.

Whether you’re focused on customer education, delivering world class support or building a thriving ecosystem to cross the chasm, ServiceRocket can help you map the journey to your future state and accelerate how quickly you get there.

Maturity is often a constantly evolving condition.

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