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A Rocketeer Allowance that Fosters Learning for All

ServiceRocket actively supports an environment that gives everyone the opportunity to learn with our Rocketeer promise:  

Our promise is to help Rocketeers learn and grow so that they can have an impact on​ their careers, their families and communities.

That commitment is backed by the Scholarship & Learning allowance.

One of four ‘no-hassle’ global allowances, Scholarship & Learning is offered to every Rocketeer, wherever they live and work. There are no restrictions on how it's used—for books or coursework, family school tuition or sports supplies—to support local community learning programs—the choice is entirely up to the Rocketeer.

As with all ServiceRocket allowances, no receipts, expense reports or pre-approvals are required.

“I love how Scholarship & Learning supports our proactive learning,” wrote one Rocketeer, while another responded with this well-known adage:

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

Learning is intrinsic to ServiceRocket’s culture. Rocketeers are encouraged to fulfill a quarterly learning goal of their choice. Many stay current with professional certifications such as Atlassian Cloud, Jira Administration and Managing Jira Projects, among others. In 2022 alone, Rocketeers earned over 350 new accreditations and certifications.

With the launch of the Scholarship and Learning allowance, we’re advancing their opportunity to learn as part of a single, unified global benefits strategy.

That strategy is demonstrated in our Rocketeer Focus Pyramid. While not quite as stunning as the Great Pyramid of Giza, it took time to complete.

The Rocketeer Focus Pyramid

"When we first began our pyramid strategy in October 2020, the vision was to create a complete suite of allowances,” says Rob Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket. “We're pleased to have reached that milestone.”

The pyramid serves a diverse community of Rocketeers across five continents. At its foundation are Local Requirements or “Market Expected” benefits that vary by country and region, followed by global #GotYourBack benefits such as insurance and retirement.

Next comes Rockettoria, an allowance that supports Rocketeers’ quality of life, from transportation or parking fees to buying oneself or another Rocketeer a morning latte.

Then come three other allowances: Wellness, Scholarship & Learning and finally Tech Choice, which lets Rocketeers choose the tech equipment that best meets their needs.  

Foundation, the seventh building block, represents our commitment to giving back to local communities with the Kiva Card Recognition Program.

Atop the pyramid is Recognition, a value that encourages Rocketeers at all levels to recognize each other’s outstanding work. Those kudos award Rocketeers with a Kiva card that benefits global entrepreneurs again and again.

These many building blocks make for a holistic and meaningful Rocketeer experience.

Our pyramid doesn’t stand alone. It’s fulfilled by managers who care about Rocketeers’ well-being and their career aspirations. It’s there in our generous Grow the Tree. Share the Fruit program.

With the Scholarship & Learning allowance, we're proud to make good on our company’s purpose for every customer, partner and Rocketeer:

To be the single most reliable partner in the acceleration of your growth.

As a member of our global family, Rocketeers enjoy a flexible work model, a comprehensive compensation program, health benefits, wellness programs, monthly stipends and more. Our amazing community thrives on stable confidence and innovation. Join us.

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