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Bringing our Atlassian Expertise to a Country Near You

At ServiceRocket, we don’t just sell Atlassian products, we know them inside and out (we’ve sold and used their tools for more than 20 years.) In fact, we were one of Atlassian’s first partners and users.

That relationship continues to thrive. Today, we’re proud to be a Platinum Solutions Partner; we’re also recognized as a Cloud and ITSM Specialized Atlassian partner.  

So, what’s next?

It’s time to share our Atlassian expertise with more of the world!

We’re pumped to bring our deep Atlassian know-how to regions new to ServiceRocket as well as parts of the world where we've had a presence.

“We’ve worked diligently to build a global team of exceptional Rocketeers in offices that follow the sun and support our customers 24x7,” says Kharisma Moraski, VP Partner and Customer Solutions. “With that infrastructure in place, we can serve customers anywhere in the world and we’re ready to partner with customers in regions where we’ve long had a presence, and beyond.”

The list of those regions includes LATAM, where our initial focus is Chile; in EMEA, with a focus on the UK and EU; in ANZ, including Australia and New Zealand; in SEA, including Malaysia, and soon, the Philippines and India; and finally NA, where we serve customers in the US and Canada.

Fasten your seat belt as we take a global tour of our growing Atlassian markets.

The launch of ServiceRocket Atlassian LATAM
Buena noticia: ServiceRocket is now serving companies across South America!

Chris Kron, Regional Manager for North America and LATAM, is supercharged about ServiceRocket’s offerings there. As part of a select group of Platinum Atlassian Partners, ServiceRocket is the only company that specializes in ITSM and Cloud in LATAM. Kudos, team!

Chris Kron, ready for takeoff, at our Palo Alto headquarters

Chris worked at Apple, Salesforce and most recently Meta, as well as at startups like Egnyte, clocking in 20+ years experience in the tech industry.

“Over the past three years, LATAM tech startups have grown sixfold and continue to grow as e-commerce and fintech companies enter the market,” says Chris, adding that the region’s young population is plugged into the global economy.  

“Countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Brazil have enacted favorable policies toward entrepreneurs, making it easier for new businesses to get off the ground.”  

Chris is delighted to lead a growing LATAM team. “We’re tripling our pool of Rocketeers to accelerate growth for new and existing clients in this region.”

London calling, and hello EU
ServiceRocket’s thriving London office continues to welcome more Rocketeers, including Sam Snazel, Senior Manager, Regional Sales. She leads the Atlassian charge in the UK and across the EU.

Sam recently made the move from our office in Santiago. A successful customer advocate for many years, she’s pumped to bring her deep knowledge of Atlassian products to more companies.    

Photo op! Sam Snazel with London's Tower Bridge

"When the opportunity arose to relocate to such a vibrant city with a new market of customers, I couldn't pass it up!” Sam has quickly found that companies in the region are positioned for growth. “The ServiceRocket team in London and beyond is ready to delight customers and solve new challenges."

Branching out in the land down under
ServiceRocket’s Sydney office is where it all began (our origin story is a pretty fascinating read, if we don’t say so ourselves...)

Twenty years on, that office not only thrives, it’s become an important hub for Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).

ANZ Sales Manager Denise Towers took on the challenge in early 2022 to build regional sales in ANZ. She’s off to an amazing start with a results-oriented culture in the region.

Denise Towers, at home in Brisbane

Prior to taking this role, Denise worked closely with ServiceRocket customers in Australia and New Zealand. She successfully delivered the products and services they needed while deepening our Atlassian partnership.

“We’ve built an amazing team in the APAC region,” says Denise. That team is ready to support a growing client base. “Everything we do is about the success and growth of our clients and Rocketeers. While we work in squads, our approach is #OneTeam!"

Hello Southeast Asia
ServiceRocket’s Kuala Lumpur office has played an important role in our company’s history. In fact it’s home to more Rocketeers than any other location.

We’ve been proud to provide companies in KL with Atlassian services over the years. And we’re proud to be a Platinum Atlassian partner in Malaysia.

Now, that expertise will reach across Southeast Asia (SEA) to the Philippines, Singapore and India. Jarrod McKenzie, Senior Manager, Regional Sales, is excited to lead these efforts in SEA.

Based in Melbourne, Jarrod brings 20+ years sales experience to the role, including 10 years in the region.

Jarrod McKenzie with the Melbourne skyline

“As the third-most populous global economy, Southeast Asia is seen as one of the top-growth areas in technology.” In fact, says Jarrod, “several Southeast Asian countries are well-positioned as hubs for multinational companies.”

ServiceRocket is also well-aligned as a Platinum Atlassian partner. “We’re in the privileged position to meet the needs of digitally-savvy companies in the region.”

Another plus, says Jarrod: “Marky Taino in the Philippines has joined us as Senior Representative, Client Partnership. As hiring in India grows, we’re gearing up for rapid growth, with customer success at the heart of all we do.”

#Delight the Customer is what drives us every day. With resources across five continents, we understand how companies around the globe can create value with Atlassian products. And we know how to help accelerate your company’s growth worldwide.

Hello, new friends!

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