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“Don’t Let the Tech Industry Intimidate You”

Six years ago, Cheryl Lim was fresh out of school.

Ready to explore a career in tech, she attended the career fair at Taylor’s University, where she received her Bachelor in Computer Science. That’s when she first heard about ServiceRocket.

“Out of the many companies there that day, I was drawn to the way ServiceRocket presented itself, both its people and company culture,” says Lim. She signed up for ServiceRocket’s bootcamp that same year and immediately thereafter decided to become a Rocketeer.

Rocketeer Cheryl Lim

Since then she’s steadily grown her skills and career, from an early internship at ServiceRocket to her current role as Manager, Customer Support, in which she oversees support for Docker and their clients.

“This whole Rocketeer experience has been very fulfilling and I’m very grateful for it,” says Lim. Along the way, she helped grow ServiceRocket’s culture and sense of community, including organizing local food drives. Kudos!

She shared her personal evolution at ServiceRocket.

How did bootcamp influence your career choices?

CL: Bootcamp opened my eyes to the world of tech support and the misconceptions about it. If not for that, I never would have gone into it. Hence I’m grateful for the enlightenment. It was such a great experience I decided to become a Rocketeer.

What do you like about working in tech support?

CL: The satisfaction of achieving something positive when I’m able to solve a customer’s issue.

Nothing is more rewarding than having customers express how we managed to make their day.

In addition, I’m constantly learning about new tech and tools.

Do your bootcamp learnings still resonate with you?

CL: Yes, they do.

I recall having a passionate facilitator at bootcamp.

Septa Cahyadiputra, Senior Analyst I, ServiceRocket, was our bootcamp facilitator in 2016. He continues to lead inspiring bootcamps today.

Septa made learning both knowledgeable and fun at the same time. (Check out our rendition of Here Comes the Sun below, with Septa singing lead vocals—accompanied by me on violin and the ServiceRocket ukulele!)

Both the technical and soft skills I learned in bootcamp come up now in ways I never expected, from helping out co-workers across teams to gaining an upper hand in supporting Docker/Mirantis products.

How does ServiceRocket support Docker and its customers?

CL: With our years of experience in helping tech start-ups with their customer support, Docker recognizes our high level of customer service, along with our experience in building processes. We’re seeing consistent rapid growth and expansion in their organization.

Docker was excited to have the team back—particularly you—as you had worked with them in a previous iteration. How does it feel to work with Docker again?

CL: As a manager this time around, I’m feeling even more excited to help Docker get back on its feet and look forward to a long partnership, as we had before.  

The Mirantis team, 2020

What enabled you to grow your skills at ServiceRocket?

CL: Without question, it’s been due to my managers and awesome teammates.

Both of my managers have been amazing and very supportive. They provided a safe space in which to voice my opinions. They’ve encouraged me whenever I doubted myself. That level of support enabled me to grow beyond my comfort zone.

How has ServiceRocket enabled you to grow as an individual?

CL: I’ve grown a lot in terms of being in the right headspace to take on new challenges.  

Our #Talk Straight value at ServiceRocket encouraged me to voice my opinions and feedback.

You’ve been active in organizing team events, including a soup kitchen that fed 200 homeless people. What motivated you to get involved?

CL:  I enjoy seeing my fellow Rocketeers have a good time—it’s also enabled me to build new friendships along the way.  

A fellow Rocketeer picked up on that. I was recruited to join the Kuala Lumpur event planning committee in 2017. We’ve celebrated Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya (New Year for Malay-Muslims), Diwali (the Hindu Festival of Lights), Merdeka (Malaysia Independence Day)—you name it!

Chinese New Year lunch in the Kuala Lumpur office

ServiceRocket has evolved its cultural programs with Cultural Heritage & Community Day and the Kiva Card Recognition Program. Is that gratifying to see?

CL: It is indeed. It’s always great to give back to the community. Personally I look forward to reading Rocketeer’s cultural heritage stories, which have been very humbling and enlightening.

What would you say to women who are considering a career in tech?

CL: Times have changed! We’re seeing more and more women choose a career in tech. My advice is to let yourself be open to learning new things.

Don’t let the tech industry intimidate you.

There are so many different fields in tech. Find out what motivates you. As long as you’re passionate about it, you can definitely create opportunity, no matter your age.  

Are you ready to grow your career in tech? If so, ServiceRocket wants to hear from you! Our global Rocketeers practice values like #Think Team and #Share the Knowledge and are rewarded with great benefits like competitive compensation, a monthly tech allowance and career mobility. Check out ServiceRocket’s job openings.

Building on bootcamp.

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