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Fast-Growing Companies Deserve More than a Quick Fix

By Shreya Rawal, Manager, Enterprise Services at ServiceRocket

Business opportunities often require a quick pivot. Your company needs to act, yet seizing the moment can be difficult. Perhaps your organization isn’t prepared for it, or lacks the needed experience.    

When change requires a leap to cross the chasm, the ServiceRocket team steps up. 

Our services bridge the gap between technology and its human adoption—solutions that empower teams to perform better, with less stress. That mission is at the heart of ServiceRocket’s 20-year history as a tech-enabled, human-centered company. 

During that time we’ve witnessed a growing need for human-centric technology solutions that helps people perform better, while enabling company growth. That dynamic combination is crucial in today’s fast-moving technology environment. 

At ServiceRocket, we excel at meeting the demand for human-centric solutions.

Our thoughtful approach to technology paves the way to growth, not just for today, but for the long term. The case study below demonstrates that thinking.  

Building a lasting cloud solution
One organization we recently worked with had long used an in-house issue tracking system. This internal tool was essential to how the organization functioned. While it served its purpose for well over a decade, the company now required a better means to interact with its external suppliers and partners around the globe.

Atlassian’s Jira Software Cloud was an ideal solution for this challenge, yet it wasn’t enough. We knew that implementing Jira Software Cloud would solve the company’s external collaboration. But it would also generate disconnects and context switching as the majority of the organization’s work was tracked in the internal tool. 

Our thoughtful solution: 
1) Assist the organization in the adoption of Jira Software Cloud for supply chain collaboration 

2) Design, develop and implement the integration of their tool with Jira Software Cloud 

Rather than simply solve an immediate challenge, this two-part solution meant the company will avoid similar issues for years to come. Equally important, its users are able to work more efficiently and with less stress. 

Mission accomplished!

At ServiceRocket, we’re focused on solving problems for fast-growing companies while we’re keenly aware of the long-term implications of new technologies. As we prove every day, we’ve got your back. That approach generates a win-win for satisfied customers and for a team I’m proud to be part of.  

I’m passionate about helping customers use technology that increases productivity and collaboration. Atlassian applications are strategically placed at that intersection. Over the past ten years it’s been a pleasure to work with many organizations who have achieved their goals using Atlassian tools. When I’m not busy brainstorming solutions for our customers, I enjoy bike riding and baking "healthy" cakes.

The best tech solutions anticipate future needs.

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