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Happy Birthday, Santiago!

Friendly. Helpful. Kind. Supportive. Fun-loving.

If that sounds like a great place to work, it is. Welcome to ServiceRocket’s Santiago office, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

Santiago team, 2022
(The number of Rocketeers has since nearly doubled in size.)

Home to a growing team of 68 full-time Rocketeers, including product managers, engineers, financial analysts, consultants and support engineers, Santiago is where business and culture seamlessly merge to create a great vibe.

For Rocketeers like Cristobal Maulen, Senior Engineer, Customer Support, “it’s not just the day-to-day collaboration that’s great,” he says, “it’s the chance to express yourself and be a member of a big family.”

Santiago is also where Rocketeers gather to play  
and picnic (barbeque is sacrosanct.)
As one Rocketeer said, “There’s always a reason to laugh.”

The office’s welcoming culture has meant a lot to Rocketeers who call Santiago their home away from home. As one Rocketeer noted, “More than just co-workers, Rocketeers in Santiago build a relationship outside of work, which is truly appreciated when you are new in the city.”

This unique sense of camaraderie and spirit continues to thrive as the office experiences rapid growth (Thirty-five Rocketeers joined the Santiago office in 2022 alone.)

“The more I had the chance to interact with new faces,” says Rodrigo Luna, Content Design Manager, “the more I realized that the spirit, the culture and energy are still there and stronger than ever.”

Rodrigo was instrumental in opening the Santiago office in 2013. Initially, he says, it was a kind of an experiment. "But soon, it became our purpose.”

Santiago’s first team building, 2014
“It was cold, it was rainy, it was fun!”

What made it work? He cites the passion and care that Rocketeers contribute every day to the culture and the work. “That’s what makes it so remarkable," says Luna.

“I’m proud of what the team has achieved and continues to build.”
Rocket in the window, Santiago

Another Rodrigo—Rodrigo Forest, Senior Director, Finance—has been part of the Santiago office for nearly eight years.  

“The team’s culture and energy is what really sets us apart from other companies in Chile,” says Forest. “We try to live and transmit ServiceRocket’s values with passion and we always put our Rocketeers first. As the company has grown in the past ten years we have strived to maintain that spirit—that is what has allowed us to grow this much.”

(“La energía y la cultura del equipo es lo que realmente nos ha hecho sobresalir entre las otras empresas locales. Intentamos vivir y transmitir los valores de ServiceRocket con pasión, y procuramos siempre tener a los Rocketeers como prioridad. A medida que la compañía ha ido creciendo durante los últimos 10 años, hemos priorizado mantener ese espíritu, y eso es lo que nos ha permitido crecer tanto.”)

Rocketeers perform la cueca,     
Chile's national dance

“Although I’m not a Spanish-speaker, I agree completely!,” says Catherine Matterson, General Counsel. “Over the years, I’ve experienced Santiago’s vibrant spirit and seen the tremendous growth in both the number of Rocketeers in the office and their actual personal growth.”

Catherine Matterson, second from bottom right, in 2016, at a team dinner
And speaking at a team picnic in 2023

And while the culture in the office is quite exhilarating, adds Catherine, “the views of the Andes from all windows is pretty monumental.”

A willingness to help. A reason to laugh. A love of fun.

Ten years on, ServiceRocket’s Santiago office is a great place to grow professionally and personally.

Happy birthday, Santiago!

Be part of a team that has your back and a company that provides amazing global benefits. At ServiceRocket, we’re committed to creating a mindful and open culture that supports Rocketeer growth. Únete a nosotros.

Culture matters.

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